Blockchain – one of the biggest cryptocurrency-enthusiastic communities proclaimed Travis Wright a winner among 13,192 people who liked the projects Facebook page.

Travis is 16 and he is already deeply interested in cryptomovement and its commercial meaning to the world. The teen’s interest in cryptos of all kind began when bitcoin rocketed to the mark of $1000, though right now he is mostly interested in Dogecoin, which is easier to mine, comparing to mastodons like BTC or LTC.

Aside from school Wright writes (no pun intended) for the while also being its admin. He also highly admires photography and web design. Although many has jokingly advised him to spend his recently won eght-and-half grands for prostitutes and drugs he humbly declines and prefers to save them for now. The only thing he openly mentioned to spend at least one BTC is his preparation for college In Colorado, where he plans to go together with his brother.

The contest the Trevor won was meant to celebrate the 1 millionth user of the Since the beginning of the 2013 the portal had expanded its user base for almost 900 thousand people. Winning the 10 BTC was made easy for everyone, so that FB users not yet acquainted with Blockchain would be able to participate too and hopefully get interested in the cryptomovement. The prize winner was randomly selected with the help of

For those afraid the exchange rate for Bitcoin would fall, or simply not excited about possessing bitcoin there was also an alternative as a 10 BTC “gift card” for However, Trevor logically decided to take the digital cash, as his age does not allow him to make the fullest of such a trip.

Interestingly enough, since the summer of 2011 and until the beginning of 2013 Blockchain was practically one man governed and originally it had been designed to serve as a web wallet. Later, instruments to observe and analyze the different aspects of bitcoin economy were added.