BlockShow, an international Blockchain events franchise powered by the Cointelegraph, has announced the Token Sale 2.0 launching, bringing an end to the era of ICO 1.0 with its dozens of bonuses and schemes, which sometimes are difficult to understand even for the founders themselves.

10,000 tokens will be issued and all the sold assets will guarantee their owners exclusive VIP access to all the upcoming BlockShow events, including the Singapore conference at the end of the month:

BlockShow is a team of crypto enthusiasts, whose aim is to share their Blockchain knowledge and help startups to introduce their ideas to the world. In the run-up to the November conference in Singapore, BlockShow is launching the token sale to upgrade (tokenize) the ticketing system and provide their followers with universal access to events.

“No irritating bonuses or special prices for each date, we avoid thousands of sentences written in the whitepaper or graphics. ICO 1.0 has died and we as Blockchainers who have been on the market for four years already, are creating a new trend which will lead the market to a new phase of trust and transparency - by making it f****** simple!”

The token price will be fixed at 0.3 ETH (approximately $100), which is much cheaper than any other available tickets at the moment. The proposal seems to be a worthwhile investment considering that tokens can be used as tickets for all coming BlockShow and the Cointelegraph events.

The BlockShow team stresses that the token is completely multipurpose. As well as its ticket function, it will be completely transferable and tradable on exchanges. In the event that the owner is not able to attend the next conference, he can simply send the token to a friend or sell it.

A special Android mobile wallet for buying, storing and transferring BlockShow tokens will be released and ensure that all processes will run smoothly and at the convenience of the owner.

“We strongly believe BlockShow token becomes popular and grows in value as our events are significantly getting bigger. There were 600 attendees at our latest event in Munich, in September we had five meetups in a row: Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Delhi attended by 1,200 people altogether. We expect more than 1,000 people in Singapore for the big show this year and have tremendous plans for the next two years.”

Addy Creeze, BlockShow CEO



BlockShow is an international event franchise powered by the Cointelegraph and the brightest experts from the global Blockchain scene. It’s one of the largest offline platforms showcasing latest industry trends, promoting the hottest startups, ICOs and unconventional sensations.

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