A new digital currency gambling service will launch next month, but it’ll be far from simple crypto-for-cards: backed by a number of famous faces from the gambling scene, an entire new altcoin will be created in the process.

Smart support and the mainstream credibility it brings is the foundation of Breakout Gaming, a project set to bring increased attention and integration of cryptocurrency-based online gambling.

“We are going to shake up the gaming community with the world’s first cryptocurrency that has a dedicated ecosystem for its coins,” core partner and two-time WSOP champion Johnny Chan said in a press release issued Tuesday.

Chan was alluding to Breakout Coin (BRO), the future currency for Breakout Gaming which will serve as growth facilitator for the service while giving players familiar with cryptocurrency something of a unique proposition: an altcoin which can be readily used upon release.

The concept of rolling out an altcoin to support a new entity is nothing new, but the instant liquidity afforded Breakout Coin could well be a smart move on the part of investors.

“We felt there was an untouched niche for digital currency enthusiasts to play digital games such as Poker, Blackjack, and Fantasy Sports, all while investing in the long-term opportunity of Breakout being the next go-to gaming destination,” Chan explained.

- Johnny Chan

And he is seemingly not alone. Big industry names on board “to raise awareness and spark mainstream interest for the new Poker destination,” according to the press release, include Huck Seed, Jennifer Harman, Ted Forrest, Todd Brunson and Russian Vladimir Shchemelev. In total, the stars come with a combined 38 World Series of Poker bracelets between them.

All this makes for a compellingly stable formula. Breakout, which is headquarted in Costa Rica, will only operate in legal-to-play markets and will ensure all relevant legal requirements are met. igaming and cryptocurrency attorney David Gzesh said:

“Breakout Gaming will be positioned to address both players’ desires for privacy and regulators’ demands to meet both KYC and AML rules. In that regard the BRO Coin launch will present a breakthrough in a layered design.”

Due principally to the sheer number of altcoins and the various scam operations associated with them, the launch of an altcoin in the current climate can be viewed with considerable skepticism, and it is too early to judge whether Breakout Coin will succeed in breaking the mold.

However, it may be the site’s credentials, in addition to its celebrity staff, which provide enough of a buzz to secure mainstream interest. Breakout Gaming will feature 88 individual games playable with cryptocurrency, a figure which dwarfs many other offerings on the market and which may well set a new standard for this rapidly evolving industry.

“In life, we are always being told to work hard in order to play hard,” said sponsored player and partner Harman chimes in. “At Breakout Gaming we’re offering the opportunity to have these two sides meet in an intelligently designed investment and gaming platform.”

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