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Bitcoin (BTC) open interest has been ascending for months, suggesting the market’s resilience even though the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization hasn’t consolidated above the psychological level of $30,000.

At the beginning of August 2023, Coinalyze data showed that the Bitcoin open interest figure returned to break above $10 billion, maintaining close to the highest level since the beginning of May 2022. The figure updated the year-to-date high on Aug. 9.


Open interest is a metric that reflects the volume of unsettled futures, potentially indicating the confidence of the market to leave positions open. This is an important gauge, given that a good chunk of Bitcoin trading occurs on futures trading platforms, such as those offered by Binance, Bybit, OKX and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

Futures contracts enable traders to speculate on the price of assets without their direct or physical involvement. While Bitcoin doesn’t change hands during futures trading, these financial instruments can influence market trends by providing insights into the general sentiment.

While the open interest figure has been on the rise, leaving the sour taste of the FTX collapse behind, Bitcoin futures trading volume has declined since March of this year, meaning that traders are less active than in the first quarter.


These market conditions may suggest that the accumulating open interest is coming from institutional investors.

What drives the Bitcoin market today?

An expanding open interest in Bitcoin generally aligns with a surge in its value. Yet the current scenario is different, as the cryptocurrency faces challenges in maintaining a position above $30,000.

Several events are hindering a fresh bullish move. Firstly, investors are not confident that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission will have approved a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) by the end of this year. The financial watchdog is reviewing several applications from BlackRock, ARK Invest, VanEck, Bitwise, Fidelity and Galaxy Digital.

Giving at least one of these candidates the green light will provide much hope for the rest of the applications, which could transform into tremendous support for another rally.

Secondly, tightening the monetary policy to curb inflation puts pressure on economic growth. While raising interest rates is a necessary step for the Fed to put a break on loose money, the risk of an economic recession is a high price to pay. Despite running on a global, decentralized network of nodes, this also impacts Bitcoin, as institutional investors are risk-averse during economic struggles.

How to trade Bitcoin with maximum efficiency

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The steady rise in Bitcoin’s open interest suggests a resilient crypto market despite a lack of consolidation above the $30,000 level. This reflects potential confidence from institutional investors, even as futures trading volume declines. While current hindrances may delay a bullish move, platforms like TradeSanta offer advanced tools for traders to navigate these complex market conditions.

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