Observing the news from previous several months, the reader can notice that articles and reports about new Bitcoin services and merchants, officially published governmental issues and warnings, advertisements on meetings and conferences are the decisive and biggest part of the whole volume. The amount of information on the technology of mining and its progress is minimal, but it does not mean that the industry is behind the society and its formation of attitude. As the process of extruding coins is determining for the branch, experienced developers and hardware creators are working on the reduction of energy consumptions, higher speeds and comfortable processes.

The company Butterfly Labs is located in Kansas, the USA, and can be named the leading company working on mining hardware for Bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies. It is already a household name in the environment, but during last December they were able to freeze 45000 orders from customers. The clients were willing to purchase the newest ASIC products for a more successful experience of mining. During the first decade of the current month the company started to ship the equipment and opened direct sale for Butterfly's 65nm product line on their homepage.

The company was the first among the competitors to present a second generation chip for mining. It is not a surprise as their amount of customers and sold units equals to the sum of satisfied clients of similar companies. There is no doubt that Butterfly Labs will keep the dominant part on the market even having a backlog.

VP of Marketing Jeff Ownby confirms that more than the half of the overall mining network is using the chips provided by the manufacturer. He says that “while we regret that the backlog ever existed, the overwhelming acceptance of our products by the marketplace outpaced our ability to deliver in a timelier manner.” He sincerely thanks the customers for loyalty and waiting – the labs really appreciate this true dedication and hope that the shipped parts are working as announced and satisfy the people. The representative promises that there will never be a similar situation in future.

The next item in the line of shipments is the 28 nm chip, also awaited by the purchasers. Marc Goodpasture, Butterfly Labs Head of Operations, explains that alterations and additions to the production site will allow holding the term and no delays are planned. He believes that the current team of the company is capable to provide all units on time and under controlled quality.

The present worries of the company are two items - pre-orders for 600 GH/s Bitcoin mining card, and a Bitcoin mining product. The delivery terms for both units are set for March 2014. In case the problems and reasons of the backlog were eliminated and new solutions introduced there should not be any kind of problems for Butterfly Labs to keep the leading position on the market.