Buy cannabis online, in BTC, without using Tor

Yes, this is a sensationalist headline, but we figured we would pre-empt the “Bitcoin-drug dealers” narrative here before someone else ran with it. 

On Reddit today, the founders of Cannabit Seeds announced the launch of their online store. The site — owned by a Canadian company but registered as a domain until the .com can be purchased in crypto-currency — sells cannabis seeds online, ships worldwide, and intends to become a 100% crypto-currency operator. 
“We have decided to try and run without any fiat input,” /u/cannabitseeds wrote. “I have four Radeon 7950s that have been mining for the past eight months beneath my desk, and they are our budget. We bought our hosting, we bought our domain, we bought our SSL certificate all with bitcoins mined beneath our desk (well, we mine on a multipool and convert to BTC). 
“Now, our advertising budget is what we have left from mining/what we will mine. We have also managed to convince our biggest distributor to accept Bitcoin, so our payments stay as crypto. We did not use BitPay or Coinbase or any other site which immediately converts to crypto.” 
The company currently accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.