Opened on 4th November it already adopted bitcoin payments partly as a protest against French banks who are asking excessive fees, for payments and account holding. If you like sushi rolls Maki Wrap is a place for you, while they also have a long menu of salads and smoothies.

Shops CEO S de Lagarde believes that “It would be easier and much cheaper for us if all our customers could pay in bitcoin”. De Lagarde is convinced of the currency’s potential and believes that cryptocurrency is the future of payments. To integrate bitcoin payments it was decided to use an iPad as a cash register. When Make Wrap wallet reaches €20 worth of bitcoin, the money is transferred to their normal business account.

So far, there haven’t been any problems or barriers from governmental agencies to accepting bitcoin payments. However, in December 2012 a French bitcoin exchange operated by Paymium – Bitcoin-Central made a decision that Bitcoin-Central accounts under €100,000 should be protected by French taxpayers and users could spend their bitcoins using a bank debit card.

De Lagarde assures Maku Wrap customers that the company is going to open another two Maki Wrap outlets and they will also accept bitcoins.