As use and popularity of Ether continues to grow, DAO and building of smart contracts around it are also on the increase. Cashila, a Bitcoin payment processor has announced the creation of ICONOMI, a platform to buy, sell, trade and store Ether.

Cashila allows customers to make purchases of the new cryptocurrency with a direct wire transfer. The service operates as a Euro wallet which lets users send money (pay bills, cash out Bitcoins), receive money (third-party deposits), keep funds in it or convert to Bitcoin.

Ether purchases made easy

Within the past year, there has been a lot of activity surrounding Ethereum and its associated elements. We have seen the underpinning cryptocurrency of Ethereum, Ether rise to be second only to Bitcoin within just eight months of its existence.

Unlike Bitcoin and other more popular cryptocurrencies, exchanges which deal with Ether are not yet as popular. Cryptocurrency trade limitations and other factors hinder the flexibility and ownership of Ether.

The CEO of Cashila, Tim Mitja Zagar says that for now ICONOMI is a platform, where you can easily deal with ether, with a vision to become a single point of entry for investing into the crypto space. In the future, he says, the company will be adding various hand-picked cryptocurrencies especially those recognized to have potential and to count as valid.

“ICONOMI is to become a place, where you come to see which cryptocurrencies you should look out for, in which to invest and where you keep them safe. If it’s on ICONOMI, it’s legit.” He says.

Jani Valjavec, CTO at Cashila claims that ICONOMI makes the Ether acquisition and useer process easy for individuals. In his words,

“It is so easy to go through the whole process. You don’t have to have in-depth knowledge about the whole crypto world, and you can still participate in it. ICONOMI is the whole package”.

Tim Mitja Zagar, CEO of Cashila

Miners switch to Ethereum

The CEO and Founder of EC District,  Aleksandar Matanovic confirms that Ether has been enjoying some strong rally since the start of 2016. A scenario which is a bit different when compared to Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, most people started getting interested in technology after the price of the currency had significantly risen. With Ether, it was the technology which initially attracted attention, and now it’s the currency which is making headlines, says Matanovic.

Matanovic says he knows a lot of local miners of the cryptocurrency.

“Locally I know many people are mining Ether. In fact, most of the GPU miners in Serbia have recently switched to mining Ether, with supply continuing to rise. Probably, exchanges will include whatever people want to trade. Since the Ether’s trading volume is the highest after Bitcoin’s, we should expect more exchanges to keep adding Ether.”