The world now circles the concept of a creator economy, a class of businesses dependent on curators and other community builders. Unfortunately, with so much content being created and distributed daily, developed works quickly succumb to the mercy of publishers, brands and other social media communities. As a result, these very artists often only receive royalties for using their assets once, making it difficult for them to earn a fair value and remain incentivized to continue supporting the very real creator economy. A secondary concern comes down to asset ownership since a minimal amount of policing exists to protect creators’ works from unsolicited distribution.

The blockchain aims to solve these concerns by enabling artistic works to be permanently stored on a public ledger to secure and store these assets, thereby preventing them from being duplicated or fraudulently used. With the introduction of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), content creators can monetize their digital works by attaching value to creative work and posting them for sale on a specified marketplace. Creators then maintain complete control of their work while also receiving incentives to continue developing content. For this reason, NFTs have quickly become recognized as an ideal solution for content creators.

Spurring on the creator economy in a digital world is Chillchat, a pixel art gaming metaverse that runs on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. On Chillchat, players are given the power to create characters, stories and anything else they can imagine, including entire worlds from scratch. With features like the World Builder tool, users can begin building new spaces, tile by tile. Created characters may also be animated with the Pixel Editor or become part of a fully functional game with the World Scripting Tool. Leveraging visual node scripting, content creators can turn their creations into an interactive experience without ever learning how to code.

By leveraging internal programs, anyone can create through a standardized format guiding users to create and mint. The project prides itself in its ability to create an ecosystem where there is no limit to who a creator can be or what they can create. The only barrier is the creator’s own imagination.

Creating to earn

The create-to-earn metaverse Chillchat has developed has been met with initial success, raising US$1.85 million in a round of seed equity funding led by Solana Ventures and joined by investors including Animoca Brands, Griffin Gaming Partners and FTX Ventures, among others. With these funds, Chillchat plans to expand its product and growth teams, further developing Web 3.0 tools and channels. 

The team continues to rely heavily on its Solana foundation. With James Quon Au, the chief executive officer at Chillchat, commenting,

“We’re aiming to build a casual social-gaming metaverse, so we chose the Solana blockchain as we believe it is the best consumer offering with low fees and high speed. Getting strategic support from Solana Ventures helps us grow and turn our dream into reality, so we’re thrilled to have Solana lead our seed raise.”

Chillchat has since undergone a successful NFT public sale to mint 1,000 of the project’s limited “Origins” characters with a strong foundation. As the name states, each “Origin” will become the basis for future characters, with the initial round being sold out in seconds, at 2 SOL or approximately $170 per NFT. 

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Just four weeks after this launch, the price climbed to 40 SOL, with the highest prices on the secondary market reaching as much as 100 SOL. Based on these values, the total sales volume for the Origins characters amounted to 30,073 SOL or approximately $ 2.7 million.

Public auction opening

Looking ahead, on Feb. 25, 2022, at 8 PM UTC, the Chillchat team has plans in place to launch its public auction, including 350 Origin NFTs. The 35-week auction program, which includes sales every Friday, releases a total of 1,500 Chillchat Origins NFTS in the hands of users. Those participating in this initial sale will then become a part of the first lineage expansion, holding the task of creating new characters in each generation to follow. 

In accordance with the project’s roadmap, participants can look forward to real-time trading with other players and the release of pets (as NFTs) in Q3 of 2022 and world-building capabilities in Q4.

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