Central European Bitcoin Expo 2014 to Hit Vienna in May

Exactly in 72 days the Central European Bitcoin Expo of 2014 is going to be launched. The planned event will be open for visitors for two days – the 31st of May and 1st of June, exactly on the shift between spring and summer. The conference claims to be the first to introduce the ideas of Bitcoin to the Central Europe.

The chosen venue is very futuristic and easily accessible, being in the heart of whole European continent - Austria Center Vienna. The tickets have very reasonable prices – for a single day 120 euros, both days cost 150 euros (early bids – just 100 euros). The happening features a two-hour long lecture on Bitcoin basics hold for free, but it requires preliminary registration and filling out of forms on the homepage.

The speakers are always the main attraction of every similar event; some names have been already revealed by the organizers. Among them are – Adam Vaziri of Diacle Ltd., Dan Held from the Blockchain, PhD Stephani Murphy, a scientist, TV-show host and active Bitcoin user, Meghan Kellison-Lords, a writer and activist.


Interview with the Event Manager

 The main event manager of CEBE is Andrej Sebesta. He commented:

“This is a unique possibility for all BTC fans, enthusiast and all others to take a part of an event that is not only a conference but something else, something what will remain in our memories for a long time. This will not only be a boring conference this will be also an exciting holiday in one of the most spectacular cities in the world. So do not hesitate and buy your ticket as soon as possible because there are not many left.”

He has also replied why Vienna was chosen to host the conference:

“Region of Central Europe represented by Vienna is actually so called heart of Europe. This market is very interesting not only because of its big population that has limited information about BTC but also because of the wealth of the people in this region. Vienna is very close to other economic capitals such as: Budapest, Prague, Munich, Ljubljana, Berlin, Warsaw, Bratislava.”

As spring is the time of many cryptographic and Bitcoin-related events, everyone would like to know what is so special about the CEBE. Mr. Sebesta has mentioned reasons often heard from administrating teams – the aim to spread the information at the same time recruiting new investors, users and entrepreneurs. The additional events like the BTC Vienna run or a party with music, dancing and delicious dishes is an interesting add-on the organizers might be definitely proud of. He added:

“BTC is connected with lots of IT specialists so the main aim is to promote the healthy style and help those who need our help because profit of the BTC run will be donated to charity.”

The event manager rejected to name particular presentations and topics to follow, but has commented:

“Main topics of the conference will deal with matters concerning Bitcoin use, financial regulation in European markets or successful mining. Our speakers are very well known personalities in the BTC community worldwide. You will get professional information from famous journalists, investors, speakers, miners and hackers.”

Andrej Sebesta also added that the main goal is to increase the amount of Bitcoin accepting merchants and retailers, thus making the Bitcoin environment stronger and wider. Such success will be definitely appreciated by all parties.





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