The glorious city of Vienna is gearing up to host the first Bitcoin Conference in Central Europe. The Central European Bitcoin Expo (CEBE) 2014 will be held in Austria’s capital from May 31-June 1 at Austria Center Vienna.  Visitors to the Expo can expect a wide array of presentations, speeches, exhibitions, and panel discussions on Bitcoin in Europe.

Speakers at the conference will cover a vast amount of topics. Dan Held, Director of Product at Block, will be giving a speech on web wallets, as will Jan Møller and Andreas Petersson from Mycelium, before all three hold a panel discussion on the topic. Other presentations include Jacob Yocom-Piatt on off-shore banking, and Vitalik Buterin on Cryptocurrency 2.0.

Attendees will also hear about the financial and regulatory status of Bitcoin in Europe, including Francisco Ortiz on “Bitcoin and Precious Metals,” an hour-and-a-half long speech from Richard Stallman, and Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem speaking via webinar.

Miners attending the expo will have many exhibitions to look forward to. Several mining companies including Butterfly Labs, Black Miner, Mining Asics technology, and Drop Technology will have miners on hand presenting their work. Payment processor Coinvoice will also be presenting at the event, as will several others.

Attendees will have the chance to let down their hair after the first day at the Bitcoin party hosted by CEBE.

 The Central European Bitcoin Expo is directed towards cryptocurrency expansion and use in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Andrej Sebesta, the event manager of CEBE, showed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to bring awareness of Bitcoin to the area:


“We are definitely proud and excited to organize this event. I am very proud about the progress our team made and can´t wait till it takes place in Vienna!”


The Central European Bitcoin Conference will be held in Austria Center Vienna. 1-day tickets for CEBE 2014 are currently on sale for 120 Euros, while 2-day tickets are going for 150 euros. A raffle for free tickets is also available on the official website.

Complete information about Central European Bitcoin Conference 2014 can be found here.