After partnering up with the Vienna University of Technology, Cebexpo is changing the place of the conference from ACV to TU Wien.

Bitcoin conference will take place on 31. May – 1. June on the grounds of the 200 years old University of Technology right in the “heart of Vienna”. “Many attendees suggested the conference should have a better location in the city. We also tried to find a place that would be closer to a club where the Bitcoin Party takes place. At the same time TU Wien decided to support our event and we went to see the Universities grounds. Location is great with beautiful surroundings right in the middle of the city, so from that point we knew we had to change the place” says Andrej Sebesta, event manager.

TU Wien is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution. University was interested in involving their students in the growing Crypto world and therefore decided to support the Conference and give their students the most up-to-date education. The area is well known cultural center of the city, close to the famous Opera House. Conference room is one of the most beautiful and historical rooms in Vienna with great architecture called Festsaal. All we can say is that the change of the room is definitely a step forward and the conference team is proud to host the visitors, exhibitors and sponsors right at this venue!

The connection with the University is also a great opportunity for the students. According to Salzburg University student Tobias, “my conclusion from the Amsterdam conference is that companies are really looking for young programmers with knowledge of Bitcoin/Altcoin”. The conference is trying to connect exhibitors with young talented students possibly becoming their source of competitive advantage in very near future and help them gain experience in their field of studies.

The conference is taking place in less than a week and we are all looking forward to it. The conference gates will open at 7:30 am on Saturday May 31st at TU Wien. First will be general presentation about Bitcoin for attendees with free ticket but also other attendees from 8:00 – 8:45. The official conference opening starts at 9:00 am and from then on, everyone can look forward to great presentations, speakers, exhibitions and panel discussions. Main topics of the conference will deal with matters concerning Bitcoin use, financial regulation in European markets or successful mining. Attendants will get professional information from famous journalists, investors, speakers, miners and hackers.

So in case you are still deciding whether you want to attend, invest in your knowledge, become part of this unique conference and enjoy also the first Bitcoin Party organized in Vienna!