Art by: Jing Jin

Update: Slack Integration appears to be working, as mentioned by a commentor.

Since ChangeTip burst onto the scene in November, giving users a way to easily tip bitcoin to even non-bitcoin users, Facebook has been the obvious addition and everyone knew it would be coming eventually.

2015, as it turns out, is that “eventually” and tipping on Facebook has been rolled out to select users, with wider release expected in the coming days. An announcement on their blog is expected shortly.

With around 1.35 billion active users according to Statista, Facebook obviously increases ChangeTip's potential user base. The use case for ChangeTip is similar to Twitter, give Bitcoin users an easy way to tip content creators they enjoy, even if those creators don't know anything about Bitcoin themselves.

Despite rushed reports that stated functionality is working now, we have verified that Slack functionality is not working as of yet, and Facebook functionality is only available to select users.

We have been given the opportunity to test it out. We are told that it did not work exactly as ChangeTip  expected it would when development first started. Currently, tipping directly in posts is not functional. Instead, users link their Facebook account, pick a friend from a list, and then ChangeTip makes the post itself.

It is a little rough around the edges, with my profile image, blown up and poorly cropped, being included in the post. The users I sent the tip to also had issues claiming it, likely because Facebook wasn't enabled for them on ChangeTip yet. As this is a Beta, these issues will presumably evaporate as the kinks are worked out. ChangeTip has a fantastic reputation for ease of use, as evidenced in its current tipping apps, and Facebook and Slack will likely be similarly impressive once they roll out to all users.

Slack is a social network designed for collaborative work. Created by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, it has been called an “email killer” and is designed to simplify collaboration online. Its tipping feature is likely to work in a similar fashion to ChangeTip's current Github tipping function, but that is not confirmed at this point. According to The Verge, Slack is the fastest growing workplace app of all time, and it recently received a 1.12 billion dollar evaluation.

The exact date of Slack's integration has not yet been made clear to us, but we have been told that it is coming and it has been added to the list of linkable (but not tipping-enabled) social networks.

We will have more as it becomes available.

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