During several previous years crowdfunding has changed the principles of making and receiving investments. Having an idea or business plan, but being without any resources might have put a final point in any, most modern, promising and progressive initiative. Big guys with big money are not interested in putting money in snack stands, instant photo prints or low-budget shorties. Now many more or less famous platforms on the Global Web allow to introduce any idea to the wide society and to receive even small support from many activists around the globe.

Well, well, well – the money is paid in traditional, fiat currency. More people got engaged when the system started to feature bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Now there are separate platform where only bitcoins are accepted to give the hand to someone in need. Does bitcoin startups themselves need investment in the form of crowdfunding? BankToTheFuture.com or Simon Dixon and Max Keiser have and answer and it is a loud: “Yes!”

Browsing the internet with any available or preferred searching engine very many resource can be found offering to crowdfund in many projects, only in bitcoin. The leading