Some tinkerers in central Illinois have finally built the thing that we’ve all been thinking about: A Bitcoin acceptor for vending machines.

Simply called Bitcoin Soda Machine at this stage, this prototype device runs on a Raspberry Pi and can plug & play with a variety of drink machines, arcade games and slot machines.

The screen displays a dynamic QR code that contains the address and current price. All a user has to do is scan the code with the Bitcoin app. Bitcoins and Litecoins will be accepted.

The group’s site says that “our device will plug in and work right out of the box” with Coinco change validators.

The Bitcoin Soda Machine website has few details about the people behind it, but there is information regarding the machine’s forthcoming availability.

A WiFi version of the machine will be available for $250 or for $150 deposit plus a two-year, $20-month plan.

A 3G version will sell for $450, or on a similar payment plan at $25 and a $250 deposit.

So, if you have any kind of vending machine or slot machines that you would like to make Bitcoin-compatible, the group’s email address is