Music fans as well as avid followers of the Chicago Sun Times have a new reason to celebrate: the popular newspaper is launching a different kind of advertisement which will allow them to purchase items without using cash.

Buying concert tickets with Bitcoin is a new campaign that will herald the use of QR codes instead of cash and credit cards. The QR codes can be scanned and later on be used to make purchases via Bitcoin. To liven things up a bit, the Sun Times’ first QR enhanced ads will be rolled out soon and will allow readers to buy tickets to a massive concert featuring Jay-Z and Beyonce, Mr. and Mrs. Carter in real life. The concert will be held at Chicago’s Soldier Field.“This new technology and partnership, will change the way advertisers and readers interact,” said Chief Technology Officer Josh Metnick, in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal and he said that the new QR Codes will allow newspapers to interact directly with their readers and customers. At the same time, the advertisers will be able to sell directly to their consumers.

The QR Codes is the latest development in the publication’s partnership with Bitcoin. Other media outfits are experimenting with similar technologies in order to improve the user experience as well as increase advertising response.

The Beyonce and Jay-Z concert, on the other hand, is expected to draw huge crowds given the popularity of the super couple. Jay-Z has begun selling out his concerts while Beyonce has just concluded another successful tour. She has hordes of fans starting from her days as a Destiny’s Child member and even more when she went on her own. Jay-Z and Beyonce have a baby daughter named Blue Ivy.