To get an image on the distribution of Bitcoin and Litecoin one should view the CoinMap. The amount of points makes the European countries, North America and Australia the most advanced regions in questions of cryptocurrencies and their everyday use. A closer observation of the points shows merchants and vendors placed at particular venues offering goods and services in exchange for Bitcoin, operating specially designed POS terminals or applications for mobile devices. The situation of Latin America allows drawing the conclusions that the market has a great potential for startups or establishment of virtual coin acceptance points – the population is very big, the development speed of the IT and economics branches is sufficient. This idea actually seems to be fulfilled by California Cantina – a club, bar and restaurant in Santiago, Chile.

The announcement to accept the digital coin at the entertainment venue was made by PR director Sonia Galleguillos. The club was going to open on the 8th of January. After the current statistics and data the club has a real chance to be counted as pioneer of the coin not only in Chile, but in Latin America in general. The decision to vary the accepted currencies and mixing the local pesos with Bitcoin presented additional informative support from social media to the venue.

As the most users know that the verification process of the transactions might be prolonged due to different reasons, the main hurdle to overcome is the velocity of servicing. The California Cantina is going to use the application Coin4ce from the local distributor of coins and related services. The customers will complete orders with their personal smartphones, scan QR codes on the iPads of the restaurant and pay their bills.

The founder of the company Coin4ce Adam F. Stradling has also commented the press release of the venue. He has approved the cooperation and the introduction of the new software and also voiced his opinion on the local situation. The company provides people with Bitcoin not only in Chile, but also in Mexico and witnesses the backlog of the industry. The amount of places with the Bitcoin sign among the accepted payment methods can be counted on the fingers of a single hand, but the potential is very promising. As soon as the local businessman will recognize the advantages of Bitcoin, the interest will definitely transform in active use. Coin4ce promises to ensure transactions within 20 seconds and without fees charges by financial institutions as the Transbank.

According to Stradling “while on a smaller scale, the pockets of interest in Chile are certainly starting to mirror the excitement felt around bitcoin in the USA. Coin4ce has experienced this through an enormous increase in sales in the last few months and inquiries from people wanting to learn more about Bitcoins.”

To secure constant rise of interest, the California Cantina will provide premises to the Bitcoin Meetup. The event was scheduled for yesterday with three speakers: Nicolas Cary, CEO of, Martín Fernandez, CEO and Founder of and Adam Stradling, CEO and Founder of More about the results of the panel will be announced soon.