Even though the price is lower than it was at this time of year last year, the opportunities to show how far Bitcoin has come in the last few years have never been greater. Everyone was making fun of those getting in on the buying frenzy last year with statements like “And where are you going to spend your bitcoins?” So this year, you can really show off what can be done with those bitcoins or perhaps you want to impress someone you care about by getting a piece of Bitcoin history - either way, we got you covered.

Here are 5 options presented in descending order of WOW factor!

5. Holiday Paper Wallets and Hardware Wallets

This is a great way to get your friends and family introduced to Bitcoin. There are plenty of ways now to make them at home or use websites that will securely get it done on your behalf. Filling them with an amount that someone is not just willing to throw away would be a great way to teach them about Bitcoin as they transfer the balance to a more usable state. One site that stands out for this is bitcoinpaperwallet.com, but there are many others to choose from.

On the flip side, there are other ways to introduce unexpected friends and family to Bitcoin. There are options for the Bitcoin enthusiasts as well as the technology of hardware wallets continues to improve. While Trezor is still a fan favorite, and many swear by it, competition is starting to heat up as Ledger enters the space with their USB style secure wallets. Rumors are already spreading of more innovation from competitors in this space such as BitStash so definitely keep your eye out.

And there is always something in the wallet space for those looking to make fun of their friends and family for their avid Bitcoin beliefs. It was introduced a while back but in a free market, everything can always be done for the right price. Here are very nice and high quality leather wallets that are still available on eBay but were originally introduced here

Price: Under US $100 (or 0.35 BTC)

4. Bitcoin Art that is now More than Meets the Eye


The pictures above are just a few example of what the future of art might be like. More images can be found at cryptoart.com, but the real interesting feature is that the art comes with its own QR code to store bitcoins. The private key is on the back and is removable along with the ability to change the QR code for added security.

Price: US$35 - $500 (or up to 1.75 BTC) depending on the size of the artwork

3. A Piece of Bitcoin History in a Physical Bitcoin


Casascius (real name Mike Caldwell) no longer makes his physical bitcoins, but what was started back in 2011 might just one day be in a museum. He was the first person to make a private key hidden under a hologram starting a trend what would lead all articles in the mainstream media to reference pictures of bitcoins as something physical. Here is a link to the original post introducing the physical bitcoins to the world. There are now plenty of elaborate designs but the original will always be valuable even if Bitcoin is not the technological revolution we all expect it to be. The best place to get them these days is probably eBay and the one pictured is actually part of the original batch knows at the ‘error’ coin because Casascious managed to misspell that user name inside the hologram. With only about 5,000 unredeemed Series 1 coins left in circulation, many have been authenticated, graded and sealed to serve as collectors’ items.

Price: 3 to 7 times the price of 1 bitcoin for the 2011 Series 1 pictured above, depending on the grade MS60 - MS70.

2. Pay for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Wageni Tours

That’s right, Bitcoin now reaches the far corners of the globe, so for those that did not buy enough of them back when it was under US$5, which makes that space flight on Virgin Galactic and perhaps even that Tesla out of reach, a vacation of a lifetime might just be in the budget even at current Bitcoin prices. Wageni Tours specializes in custom adventures in Africa whether you want to hike Mt. Kilimajaro, explore the Ngorogoro Crater or experience the Tanzanian Safari, you can pay for it all using those saved bitcoins or even darkcoins. Thanks to CheapAir and Expedia, it is now easy to pay for your entire vacation using cryptocurrencies and some still ask the 3-year-old question “so what can you do with them?”

Price: ~ US$2,000 - $3,000 (or ~ 6 – 8 BTC) depending on the adventure.

1. The Cryptomat


This one had to take the top prize. Described as “The First Mechanical Watch for the Bitcoin Aficionado”, the Cryptomat will bring the biggest smile to any Bitcoin enthusiast when opening that box on Christmas morning. There are 4 designs to choose from and each one is individually numbered from 001 to 200. Client profiles are starting to appear now so you will be forever linked to other cryptocurrency believers that all agree this is a one of kind high quality timepiece. In a world where digital accessories rule the day, it is still nice to show off classic hand craftsmanship.  The numbers around the band represented in binary definitely catch most people by surprise.

Price: 888 Swiss Franks ~ US$920 (or about 2.75 BTC) *Only Bitcoin Accepted

Let’s hope that next year this list is even more interesting so creative minds should start coming up with ideas now. And remember, there are always books as a great last minute way to introduce those you love to this new technological future.

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