There's nothing like this (hopefully) million-Bitcoin question to catch our experts unaware: how much will Bitcoin be worth by Christmas?

The last time we served as a medium between the indusrtry's professionals who made this prediction and you, our readers, was a month and a half ago. One interesting result is that the average price prediction this time remains little changed from then – US$2218 now compared with US$2072 previously.

Never mind the long-term predictions; Cointelegraph wanted to stare into the crystal ball just a few months - and the answers we got were curious. 

Take a peek at the video below from the Inside Bitcoins Hong Kong and CEBE conferences - we interviewed leading lights from a host of Bitcoin entities and startups, so you can sit back and ponder the speculations from the experts.

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What have people said:

Alan Meckler from Mediabistro - In 5 to 10 years, we could see bitcoins as high as $10–$15,000 or higher.

Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum - It’s too hard to tell.

Dan Wells from - $900

Security expert Pavel Kravchenko - $800 to $900

Zennon Kapron from Kapronasia - It’ll either be worth a couple of dollars and be an enthusiast currency, or it could be worth quite a bit of money and be generally accepted by the population

Bastian Brand from Pathfinder Capital - I can imagine that it comes up again to 1,500, something like that, and the main driver of that will be finally the launch of Bitcoin ETFs.

Xavier Hawk from Permacredits - $5,432

Noah Silverman from Smart Media Corporation - Christmas this year, I’d like to see a $900 Bitcoin.

Josh Zerlan from Butterfly Labs - We’ll see a dip, and then we’re going to start climbing again.

Stanislav Wolf from Yacuna AG - Bitcoin just holds still and gains more traction.

Tone Vays from - Around $1,000

Lutz Auffenberg from Winheller Attorneys at Law - $1,021

Leonhard Weese from Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong - 3,000 US. Just a wild guess.

Guy Corem from Spondoolies-Tech - So, above $1000 per Bitcoin.

Economist Zheng Weiwu - 1000 to 3000 USD

Arthur Hayes from BitMEX - $1,200

David Johnston from BitAngles - I think the price will take care of itself.

Eddy Travia from Seedcoin - I will aim for $1,500 this year.

Antony Lewis from itBit - I don’t comment on exchange rates. I don’t really have a view on price.

Michal Wendrowski from Rublon - $4,600

Adam Krellenstein from Phantom Phreak - $3,000

Denis from CoolIT Systems - That is a million-dollar question. I have no idea.

Martin Westhead from Groupon - Anywhere between 200 and 3,000.

Star Xu from OKcoin - As a CEO of an exchange, I cannot predict the price.

Adam Vaziri from Diacle Ltd. - On the whole, I think it’s the infrastructure that’s improving. As a result, people are having more confidence in the price.

Hugh Madden from ANX - Around $1,100

Jorg Platzer from Room77 - The exchange rate right now is absolutely irrelevant. It’s the technology that counts.

Cyril Houri from Brawker - We’re going to have like a plateau again, but this time around $1500 rather than the $5–600 where we are now.

Benjamin Bommhardt from Draglet GMBH - It might be at $3,000 or $3,500 at the end of this year.

Ken Lo from ANX - $2,000

Dmitry Murashchik from Mycelium - $2,000 to $5,000

Jean-Marie Mognetti from Global Advisors - $900, if not higher

Marco Streng from Genesis Mining - Well, I guess that it will break $1,200 in any case.

Anson Zeall from CoinPip - Around $900

Verdan Kajic from Bspend - Around $3,000

Dave Chapman from ANX - To be honest, I don’t really care. That’s not where I think the most prominent feature of Bitcoin is. I’m not one to speculate.

Dominik Zynis from Mastercoin Foundation - $3,000 to $5,000

Yurii Rashkovskii from Gitchain - Around $800

David Shin from - $1,000 between now and December