City of Pensacola fighting Sean’s Outpost

We’ve reported before on Sean’s Outpost, the homeless center in the Florida Panhandle financed through cryptocurrencies, and we here at CoinTelegraph are big fans of the work they’re doing.

In 2013, the charity raised more than 200 BTC, which directly allowed them to serve 30,000 for the city’s approximately 500 homeless, and it allowed them to establish the Satoshi Forest as a city refuge where the homeless can go to be free from hassle by the police or anyone else.

Sounds great, right? Well, Bitcoin Not Bombs reported Wednesday that the city of Pensacola is pushing hard to get some of those activities shut down.

“The city and county have repeatedly stood in our way and hindered our efforts through trumped up citations and now with no prior notice, the Escambia Board of County Commissioners authorized the county attorney to file an injunction on Sean’s Outpost,” the post reads.

Hurried vote

Blogger Rick Outzen is also on top of the story. He writes that the county commissioners approved a measure 3-0 to file a circuit court action against the charity because of perceived violations of city ordinances.

“The violations included nuisance conditions, trash and debris, and the unpermitted erection of tents and other structures on the property,” he writes. “While the case has been pending before the Special Magistrate, Code Enforcement has noticed that tents and continue to be erected on the property and unclean conditions persist.”

So, to read between the lines a bit: The city doesn’t want these homeless people around to begin with, but it couldn’t exactly take legal action against 500-plus individuals. Once a single organization spoke up on their behalf, however, that made Sean’s Outpost a target.

And it also looks as if these officials waited until the heads of Sean’s Outpost and their attorneys were out of town to take action. The Bitcoin Not Bombs piece notes that officials could try to file an emergency injunction, requiring the folks from Sean’s Outpost to appear within 48 hours.

We will stay with this story and post updates as they come in.


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