Cloud Mining Website offer a simple and understandable cloud mining service, allowing buy-in for as little as 0.014 BTC. This gives everyone the opportunity to experience cloud mining, no matter how small an investor.

In cloud mining, an investor purchases a share of the mining power, on a server owned and maintained by a service provider. All of the technical work is carried out by the provider, leaving the investor to simply choose a level of investment and watch mining rewards roll in.

To start mining you simply sign up for free, buy your desired level of hashing power, and wait. Payments are automatic, and can be reinvested if preferred. That's all there is to it.

Cloud Mining Website strategically partner with mining rig owners from countries where electricity is cheap and selling bitcoin against local currency is difficult. They are also expanding their own facility. This strategy has been proven to be fruitful over the long term, allowing them to offer very reasonable rates of entry.

They are very transparent in their operation, publishing all of the payments they have ever made through the blockchain, and offering tools to calculate return on investment based on current mining rewards and difficulty levels.

10 Ths to 90 Ths – 0.0008 BTC/Ghs

1 Ths to 9 Ths – 0.001 BTC/Ghs

100 Ghs to 900 Ghs – 0.0012 BTC/Ghs

10 Ghs to 90 Ghs – 0.0014 BTC/Ghs

Cloud Mining Website opened their operations to the public in 2014, but have been mining with private investment since 2010. They are administered from Azerbaijan, but the mining operation is spread across Argentina, Nicaragua, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and South Africa.

Contelegraph: What inspired you to start Cloud Mining Website, and what hurdles have you had to overcome to make it a success?

C. Demiris: In a time, when bitcoin mining is becoming an expensive arms race, we thought of devising a way so that almost anyone can take part in it. With only 0.014 BTC, one can start mining at Cloud Mining Website.

Before November 2014, we were mining against private investments. When we opened up to the public, we found trust had been badly shaken in this industry. So, we took a step forward and openly published our payment data on the blockchain. Since day one, all our payment details can be found at This helped us to win people's trust and we never had to look back.

CT: There are several players getting into the cloud mining market. How do you set yourselves apart from other services and offer a unique appeal?

CD: Cloud Mining Website is tested, trusted and transparent. The minimum to start mining is 10 Ghs, which costs just 0.014 BTC. When someone buys 10 Ths or above, it costs only 0.0008 BTC/Ghs, which is the cheapest rate in cloud mining industry. There are also very few long standing players as ourselves.

CT: How do you reassure any doubts a customer may have?

CD: Our support forum is open to all. It is located at Anyone having any doubts can ask any question for clarification.

CT: What have return on investment figures been like so far?

CD: ROI varies depending on the plan, mining difficulty, bitcoin price etc. We have set up a calculator for miners to calculate their earning prediction at current difficulty -

CT: What level of transparency do you employ?

CD: I believe, Cloud Mining Website is one of the most transparent cloud mining providers out there. We publish all of our payments since inception. Anyone can verify those on the blockchain. Moreover, our support forum is also open. Anyone can see user feedback and ask questions for themselves. Most importantly, our entry fee is very low. Anyone can test our service with just 0.014 BTC and decide for themselves about further investment.

CT: Where do you see Cloud Mining Website in a year?

CD: We are very happy with our current rate of growth. We would like to keep the growth rate intact and help introduce new bitcoiners to the bitcoin mining world. It is a pleasure to serve such a great community.