Coinbase announced a handful of nifty partnerships and tools over the past couple days.

The startup partnered up with the Mozilla Foundation. The software organization that we all know and love for building the Firefox browser is, in other words, now accepting Bitcoin donations.

Keep in mind that Mozilla works on other open source software projects like Persona and Thunderbird too. “Openness” is at its core and the company is a prolific advocate for an open internet.

A Mozilla spokesperson said:

"Bitcoin is now accepted by tens of thousands of merchants and many nonprofit organizations. Community members and supporters have been asking Mozilla to accept bitcoin donations for a while. We've heard this request in discussion forums, Reddit threads, and via email and social media. We listened, and now Bitcoin is one of the many ways individuals can support Mozilla."

Coinbase waives fees to non-profits and the Mozilla Foundation is not exception. Slide over to the donation page to test it out.

Buy music on iTunes with Bitcoin

And now you can also buy stuff on platforms like iTunes and Facebook. Well, you can if you commit to a byzantine workaround.

Coinbase is teaming up with RewardsPay, a platform that allows users to spend their cash rewards earned with credit cards, hotel points, and cash rewards.

- RewardsPay BTC payments option

Coinbase Tips

Last but not least, the San Francisco-based company launched a “one-click” tipping button that can be added to any website. The Coinbase Tip will first appear on popular blogs like Adam Carolla and The Morning News.

The button is set to a default amount of 300 bits per post, but users can tweak their settings to reflect how much they tip each time they click the button.

Many people are excited for Bitcoin's potential for micropayments—transactions under US$1—which such a tool could help along. Right now, Coinbase says that over 30% of transactions are less than US$1, hinting that there's more demand to be found.

Walter Isaacson explained in Time magazine that this micropayment potential could save journalism and the arts because it offers a enables of smaller transactions that aren't worthwhile with all the transaction fees piled on top.

Small transactions and tipping seems especially common lately. Tipping comments in subreddits unrelated to Bitcoin to stir interest is a weird haphazard recent trend. ChangeTip is another easy tipping platform to use for Reddit and other social media outlets that recently reached 10,000 user tips in one day.

The startup allegedly launched another round of funding earlier this week in hopes of nabbing US$60 million. The San Francisco-based startup is certainly one of the current heavyweights in the Bitcoin space and continues stretching into new corners. 

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