On the heels of news from earlier this week that CCEDK and Poloniex had begun to offer support for NXT, Coinomat upped the ante by making NXT available for bank card payments.

In a statement, Coinomat representatives said that the company was integrating NXT into its brokering platform and that it was rolling out a “service which allows customers to send NXT to any Visa or MasterCard worldwide, opening a huge new market for NXT.

At the time of writing, NXT is fourth among cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap, which stands at US$46.4 million.

Coinomat’s statement read:

“This is a vital step in ‘unpegging’ NXT from Bitcoin, allowing it to thrive on its own terms: until now, NXT-to-fiat conversion has always required Bitcoin exchange as an intermediate stage.”

Coinomat will allow users to exchange NXT for cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin as well as Perfect Money, EgoPay and OKpay.

As for the card service, Coinomat said transactions will take two days to complete the transfer and that all Visas and MasterCards are supported.

“We’re thrilled that NXT is partnering with such a well-established platform,” NXT marketing representative Dan Kindly said. “Coinomat’s global reach and understanding of the crypto landscape makes them the perfect partner to bring the benefits of NXT’s innovation and versatility to a whole new group of users.”

Cointelegraph first reported on Coinomat’s services in May, when it introduced support for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin in its bank card service.

For its own sake, NXT appears to be coming on stronger among altcoins. In June, NXT’s developers told Cointelegraph they thought of their coin as the Tesla Model S to Bitcoin’s VW Beetle:

“NXT features, such as instant transactions make smart phones an optimal platform for use the use of NXT in everyday monetary transactions [Food, Fuel, etc.]. While solutions exist for other crypto-currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) in this realm, the use of these devices does not actually contribute to the stability or health of their networks because of the massive resources (computing power) needed to maintain these networks. With NXT, any device that has the ability to send and receive transactions also has the necessary computing power to add to the network stability and further decentralization.”

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