With all the talk about Bitcoin 2.0 features, NXT has been getting a lot of attention, not just by us but by other Bitcoin centric media outlets as well. Now, it appears that the cryptocurrency is attracting some mainstream attention.

NXT arrives at CCEDK

NXT can now be exchanged directly for USD and EUR on the Danish virtual currency exchange CCEDK, which made head waves back in June by offering direct payments for BTC from over a thousand banks in the EU. This marks the second exchange to exchange NXT for USD, the Chinese based exchange BTER also allows NXT to be purchased with USD and CNY. Otherwise, users wanting to purchase NXT on an exchange had to purchase it with Bitcoin, adding a level of dependency on a virtual currency that is essentially competing with NXT.

The announcement was first covered by Reuters, making NXT one of the few altcoins out there to receive significant attention from mainstream media outlets. CCEDK will also be running a contest for those that trade more than 1,000 NXT coins before July 31.

The lowered barrier to entry will be appreciated too, as NXT's killer feature, its Asset Exchange, is also gathering some steam within the cryptocurrency world. NXT's Asset Exchange essentially allows investors to fund a company while essentially (but not legally) owning a piece of the company in the form of NXT assets that pay automatic dividends.

Available on Poloniex

One of the more popular NXT Assets, jl777hodl was created by a NXT developer and a prominent member of the NXT community. It packages together some of the more promising NXT Assets, allowing investors to get in on the NXT exchange without independently researching all of the assets. Now Poloniex, has listed jl777hodl as a standalone coin, allowing it to be purchased directly with Bitcoin. Of course, NXT users have been able to purchase jl777hodl on the NXT Asset Exchange, but it is now much easier for causal crypto fans to purchase some.

Bas Wisselink, a major figure in the NXT scene was quoted as saying:

“To my knowledge this will be the first time a major exchange trades any NXT asset, or any colored coin from any other platform[.]”

Additionally, NXT is undoubtedly becoming more and more popular, having recently won a vote to be included in the popular hitbtc exchange. NXT will be arriving at the hitbtc exchange before August 1, 2014. Bas emphasized that NXT has once again beaten Counterparty, Bitshares and other asset exchange platforms to the market.

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