CoinPoint is a Sydney-based marketing agency, which focuses heavily on approaching each client in a personal manner and delivering specific results.

The Company

CoinPoint was founded in early 2013 in Sydney, Australia as a premiere marketing agency focused on working with companies in the Bitcoin industry. Being aimed at the Australian and Philippine markets and run by its CEO Oron Barber, a person with 12 years of experience in the gaming industry, it has kept growing since then and can now enjoy lasting agreements with more than 40 loyal business clients and partners.

By the virtue of having a team of marketing, PPC and SEO specialists, designers, journalists and many other professionals, CoinPoint is able to offer its clients custom-tailored goal-driven solutions that work perfectly in each particular case. Looking to expand more thoroughly in the US and EU markets, CoinPoint can offer its clients an impressive range of services, which is constantly growing both in number and in quality.

Some of these services include: Bitcoin integration into existing brands, to increase the clients' pool of potential clients by making use of the new technology; implementing Bitcoin processing solutions; Bitcoin security advice and implementation; PPC advertisement, and, among many other things, general Bitcoin consultation.

The Idea

The idea behind CoinPoint is to integrate different kinds of services into one final product. According to the CEO's own words, there are a lot of marketing agencies there, as well as Bitcoin experts, BTC integration solutions, advertisement networks, each and every one offering their own thing: consultation, development, optimized traffic exchange, etc. CoinPoint's goal here is to combine all available offers in one package and deliver it to the client.

And that they successfully do by the means of approaching every customer with personal care, helping them determine their marketing needs and set relevant goals and then implementing practical solutions thanks to the huge pool of talented professionals working for CoinPoint.


CoinPoint doesn't have a strict price list: the cost of each contract depends on what services a particular client requires and in what amount.

Q&A with Co-Founder and CEO Oron Barber:

What inspired you to start Coinpoint, and what hurdles have you had to overcome thus far? What has the general reaction been?

Starting at 2013, the market was very premature. Not much customers, still low BTC value, people were not sure about the ideas of the blockchain and so on. We had a major role to educate the market and a lot of times we found ourselves talking to people who refuse to listen. Around mid 2014 the game changed and we have integrated with several new businesses together with major investment happening in the ecosystem: that's when we started getting lots of calls and requests for consultation, escorting new businesses and opening markets for new merchants.

On your site you seem to put an emphasis on the fact that you're based and are operating from Australia. Did the geography affect your business in any way, or does Bitcoin truly allow you to build connections throughout the Globe without national restrictions?

We are operating worldwide and have customer based in Asia, USA and Europe mainly. Bitcoin is a solution and challenge to many different merchants, customers, operations and businesses, we are here to act as one stop shop to them all.

There are many companies getting into the Bitcoin marketing space at the moment. What do you think Coinpoint brings to give it a unique appeal?

There are Thousands of good online marketing agencies; hundreds of “Bitcoin experts”; dozens of integration solutions, several useful platforms and few traffic networks

CoinPoint is the only agency in the market to have it all in one place.

Your business seems to have a lot of valuable assets: a unique product, a great team of professionals, a lot of expertise in the field. Which one of them, would you say, was the most important so far and has determined your success?

The fact that at the end of 2013 we were already in the market, in the business and 100% operational. A lot of trust, manpower and funds were involved in bringing the team up and running fast and in the optimal direction. This is the reason why today CoinPoint is the market leader in all terms of Bitcoin marketing, Bitcoin integration and Bitcoin consultation services.

Is there a particular section of market you are aiming at? How do you go about quelling any doubts potential clients might have? Describe Coinpoint in six months time? In five years time?

CoinPoint is in the process of raising funds with a strategic partner of ours and growing the operation with offices in Europe and USA. We are executing our roadmap which was concieved in the beginning of 2015 in order to reach the short- and long-term goals. In six months we will expand our operations and grow our customer base several times over, and until the end of the year we will launch two new products.