Cointelegraph launches dedicated Indian site, as Bitcoin spreads around the world.

As the world of cryptocurrency spreads around the globe, the importance of spreading the word about these new technologies becomes ever more vital.

The need for fast, accurate and in-depth journalism is always great, as new technologies emerge overnight, and start-ups rise and fall even more rapidly. Cointelegraph has been at the forefront of this news wave for over a year now, having recently celebrated its first anniversary.

Now, adding to our ability to report from around the world, and address both a global and local audience, we're proud to announce the launch of Cointelegraph India.

This new branch of the Cointelegraph tree will be reporting on the latest cryptocurrency news, opinion, and events that affect the Indian subcontinent. Reporting both in English and Hindi, Cointelegraph India will be a comprehensive source of all the crypto and digital currency news that matters.

Speaking about the news of the launch, the new head of Cointelegraph India described his aims for the new branch.

“We are here to enable the transition of communities and companies into digital currencies, discussing advantages, disadvantages and all that we could assimilate from the industry in India, as and when it happens.”

India has had a relatively quiet start in the crypto world so far, but with a population of over one point two billion, and 40% of these people having little or no access to conventional banking, the future looks bright for new financial alternatives. When this figure is combined with mobile phone ownership of around 80%, then the scale of the possible market for Bitcoin-based financial services becomes enormous.

Lately a few notable Indian start-ups have been making the headlines, such as UnoCoin receiving US$250,000 in investment from Barry Silbert at the end of 2014.

Reserve Bank of India

The same year also saw the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Raghuram Rajan declare that India “will adopt digital currencies at some point”. Citing the growth of non-cash based forms of payment in the country, Rajan raised the idea that India could ever skip some of the steps seen elsewhere, and move towards a more modern digital currency system.

Through opening Cointelegraph India, we aim to grow and strengthen our global reportage and ability to respond to new developments. Speaking about the news, Cointelegraph's head of Business Development Victoria Vaughan commented:

“Opening Cointelegraph India represents another step forward for the Cointelegraph Media Group as we work towards bringing world class news and comment from the cryptocurrency world, to readers everywhere.”

The new Cointelegraph India service officially launched on March 10, and can be found on the new dedicated Indian Cointelegraph page. Cointelegraph team is also excited to open many more local offices, so if you're interested in bringing world class crypto journalism to your corner of world, please get in touch with us at:

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