Are you bored sitting at home in quarantine while the COVID-19 pandemic is raging outside? Feeling depressed from the latest crypto market crash? Afraid that the world might be ending?

Don’t worry! Cointelegraph Youtube hosts, Jackson and Giovanni, collected the best memes on coronavirus and Bitcoin to lift up your mood.

Any moment of global crisis is fertile ground for memes, some of which are spreading as fast as the COVID-19 pandemic itself.

People all over the world are raiding supermarkets and stocking up goods for the months to come. Others are wondering what their sexual life will be like in quarantine.

Meanwhile, the latest pandemic-induced market crash has put hodlers’ resilience under test and only the strongest hands resisted the “panic sell '' mood. Some are trying to predict how much toilet paper one Bitcoin will buy once the apocalypse unfolds.

Youtube hosts Jackson and Giovanni gave an overview of these dramatic times through the lighthearted lens of memes.

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