Cointelegraph is all about community opinion, but now we’re taking our sociability to the next level with the new Cointelegraph subreddit. 

The Reddit community has always been an important audience for us, and we wanted to devote more resources into making our Reddit environment an exciting place for cryptocurrency news and community opinion. 

The subreddit is already up and running. Soon, you’ll find a host of our materials cropping up, including images, news, analytics, contests, short startup reviews, polls and much more. 

Our goal is to offer the biggest possible variety of cryptocurrency-related media, and we welcome your suggestions as well as comments on the stories we cover – whether it’s breaking news, community surveys or how-to guides, there’s nothing we like more than getting the Reddit community talking. 

So don’t hang around – take a look at the Cointelegraph subreddit, start the conversation, and also be sure to subscribe for more content to come!