, the world's largest informational magazine specialized in cryptocurrencies, is launching its Business and Altcoin catalogs, a range of products that aims to help startups and cryptocurrency related businesses get noticed.

With 422,000 page views and 75,000 unique users per month, Cointelegraph is in the top 40,000 websites worldwide and top 25,000 websites in the US, according to Alexa, a prominent commercial web traffic data provider.

Cointelegraph runs unique in-depth research-based reviews of services and markets, and the organization has managed to build strong relationships with the most influential experts in the cryptocurrency community, as well as establish partnerships with leading enterprises in the industry.

Cointelegraph offers banner spaces, a powerful resource to boost companies' marketing and PR campaigns. It also offers up to 5 advertisements on both main and articles pages with a rotating system that gives all content an equal chance of appearing on top. The price varies depending on the size and position wanted and companies can get a discount for long term placements.

Starting today, Cointelegraph is offering the Business and Altcoin Catalogs. Both catalogs offer a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency businesses and altcoin communities to be represented on their very own page on Cointelegraph. These profile pages will allow companies and organizations the ability to write and update any info they wish.

Two options are available:

The Free Placement includes a 100 word press release, a logo of the company and a link to the website.

The Trusted Placement is a premium package for companies and altcoins, which includes an independent high quality research and review created by one of Cointelegraph's professional journalists, an interview with representatives of the management or developers team, a unique picture in Cointelegraph style designed by its affiliated graphic artist, a weekly review of recently added campaigns or altcoins, and top placement above other Free Placements.

Cointelegraph's current partners include, a tool that evaluates the most profitable currency to undermine, and, a service that aims to collect all the data required to quantitatively and qualitatively rank the potential of an altcoin.

For more information, you can check out our sales page, download the associated file (pdf) or contact Cointelegraph's sales team at