The List of Bitcoin Businesses

Bitcoin companies Catalog

  • BitCoinGambling

    by Cointelegraph

    With the massive growth in online casinos accepting BitCoin, it can be hard to know which are the best and which should be avoided.

  • iNation

    by Cointelegraph - One of first services to address the coming unbundling of the government services market.

  • OneHash

    by Cointelegraph is a simple betting platform that allows users to place bets on their favorite sports with bitcoin.

  • Crypto-games

    by Cointelegraph is a gambling website for playing dice and slots. Anyone can play with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and DarkGold.

  • ToshiDesk

    by Cointelegraph

    Master Traders (Authors) provide analysis, expertise, and credibility to traders (Subscribers) who in return compensate valuable content.

  • CRXZone

    by Cointelegraph

    Based in Republic of Singapore and founded in 2014, is a crypto currencies Order book trading exchange and Merchant payment gateway platform for cry...

  • ExchangeMyCoins

    by Cointelegraph is the one thing missing from the cryptocurrency world - easy, fast and anonymous exchanges of the most popular crypto currencies.

  • Bitnation

    by Cointelegraph

    Bitnation governance 2.0 is a borderless, decentralized, voluntary type of blockchain-based governance

  • Gambling With Bitcoins

    by Cointelegraph

    With so many casinos that accept Bitcoin showing up online, it’s turning out to be considerably more challenging for gamblers to choose the suitable gaming plat...