The day before Valentine’s Day BitcoinMagazine has posted an interview with Xavier Hawk, the founder of the Colony Earth – a company that specializes in creating an environment based on tech and eco advancements alike, using Bitcoin as main currency.

First, there are things you have to know about Xavier Hawk, so you could better understand him and his idea of a better world. Xavier was never a couch potato; starting with his 14th year of life, he was fond of camping, spending much of his time in the wilderness. Also, a practicing musician he has recorded 8 albums and performed at countless festivals. Aside from his artistic and outgoing nature, he was working in a fast and merciless world of business consulting. However, at the age of thirty his job went into background. Xavier himself prefers to call it “semi-retirement”. That was also the moment when he took his wife and kids to the comfort of their current house in the mountains of North Carolina. The last but not least is the fact that he has experience of living in many sustainable communities and eco-villages.

That and his passion for cryptocurrencies have united together to create an idea of a community where everyone are living a healthy and balanced live having the benefits of all the newest tech, but excluding the pollution that today’s cities emit. Another catalyst for him to start working on the Colony Earth was the fact that since their move he and his family have been homesteading, which proved to take a lot of time and energy. This challenge to find balance between his business affairs and taking care of his home and family has also made an influence on his decision to start the eco development program.

Speaking of benefits that the enterprise provides, Xavier occasionally refers to four simple things: clean water, healthy food, security and technology. It is not his intention to build an Amish society, discarding everything that the evolution of tech gave us throughout the last century. No, his idea is a Ying Yang community, which provides for itself, grows its own food and uses the technology as much as needs, but without the excess of it. However, it is not his idea to force people to take of farms, members of community can simply work in their offices in skyscrapers, but if you want to rest your eyes and meditate, by working in the garden, it would bring you some neat treats:

“Imagine a golf course community with a clubhouse and activities, but instead of golf we have trails, ponds, offices, biodynamic gardens, clean water, and cultural activities. Imagine this in a skyscraper with power, food, water, waste management and commerce all handled and generated on site.

It’s like resort style living but it actually benefits the earth and its inhabitants. We make living in balance with the earth easy, affordable, and profitable not only for investors but also the residents and the earth itself.”

As I have mentioned before, Xavier spent some time living in communities like the one he wants to build but much more primitive and by primitive, I do not in any way judge their life style. It’s just that these people definitely on a good intention tried to create their world, but the business model did not respond to required standards. That is why such villages crumbled economically.

The Bitcoin plays a major role in Xaviers vision of Colony Earth. Almost every money movement within society is cryptobased:

“Our homes and rentals actually belong to the neighborhood and people pay for membership to have access. These memberships and other costs are paid in digital currency, primarily Bitcoin and Litecoin. We pay our staff in Bitcoin, and any work hours our members contribute are also paid in Bitcoin. Finally, any profits the neighborhood produces in retreats, rentals, conferences, and agriculture get shared in digital currency. Our goal is to create a seamless, off grid, high-tech neighborhood based on permaculture principles, making it easy to learn about and use permaculture and crypto currencies. Colony Earth is an organization encouraging mass adoption by providing forward-thinking housing solutions aimed toward the future.”

While there is only first colony is being deployed in North Carolina, it will become the HQ of the company’s core group of developers and their families. There are already a whole bunch of organizations, who see the benefit of Colony Earth and are willing to invest in this eco-techno-settlement hybrid, to build one for their purposes.

Even though Asheville is the only colony that is still not fully operational, Xavier has some really exciting long-term plans that he wants to implement in the future. Thus, the businessman made a hint that for him the inspiring phrase “to the moon!” is not only a saying.

As a finishing touch, I want to quote Xavier giving advice to all those companies struggling to start their own Bitcoin success story:

“Stay plugged in, pay attention, and hold on tight. Everything is shifting and changing so quickly, you need to make sure your position works and can adapt to the changing environment, regardless of platform.”