Both decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have continued to gain popularity over the last year, bringing about the rise of a new gaming genre. However, as new projects continue to spring up, interested players must now equip themselves with the knowledge to discern a project with potential from one that will fizzle out shortly after launch.

The first of two considerations players should keep in mind is interoperability –– the ability for one computer system to engage with another, and therefore one blockchain to interact with the next.

Blockchain games have already displayed a certain level of interoperability, allowing players to sell in-game items on the marketplace. However, newer releases have taken this concept one step further, opening the door to games that span across platforms and increasing the number of experiences available to players. The reality is that avid gamers are constantly seeking out ways to be entertained, and expanding the realm of what is possible can be among the best methods to do this.

In addition to interoperability, NFT games with the most potential often have a strong basis in community-driven development. Games with an already-active community demonstrate liquidity and the ability to deliver gameplay that continues to meet and exceed players’ expectations.

Amid this, Blockchain Cuties Universe emerged as a new collectible crypto game, addressing both interoperability and active community support. The game itself is complete with adventures during which players can interact with puppies, bear cubs and other real-world or fantasy creatures.

Alongside the carefully crafted artwork, the backend, in-game economy ensures that users can collect, breed and test their skills in battle, trading them through smart contracts on Ethereum,, Tron and Neo. As a result, Blockchain Cuties is considered one of the first games on the market to offer players the chance to play on multiple blockchains, each with a tailored user experience and an abundance of content.

As one of the pioneers in the blockchain gaming space since its inception in 2018, the game has been developing DAO-governed game mechanics, including yield farming and NFT upgradability farming, adding value to the Blockchain Cuties Universe and further supporting the in-game currency.

New Cuties entering the universe

To take part in the game, players start by acquiring their own Cutie, each of which comes to life in one of two ways: They are either generated by the creator and made available through sales or giveaways, or they are bred from two Cuties that are not considered relatives. To enable breeding, one Cutie must be selected as the father and one as the mother, both of whom must exist on the same blockchain. 

The result of breeding will be an original genome composed of 64 genes defining how the Cutie looks and which attributes it will possess.

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To further guarantee the value of each Cutie, the team recently provided an update to how the breeding price is calculated, taking into account each blockchain’s technical implementations and the coin’s dollar value at the time each respective chain was introduced to Blockchain Cuties Universe. Although this adjustment may slightly increase the initial price, the team shares its long-term value in ensuring that breeding does not devalue existing characters.

Exploring the dream realm

Displaying the depth of interoperability, Blockchain Cuties has announced the sixth blockchain to its growing ecosystem. The team landed on HECO, a chain that offers high speeds and efficiency for its players. Alongside this launch are several exclusive NFTs on the HECO presale, giving users a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore this game on the blockchain. 

Due to the advantages brought about by HECO, the team also mapped the game’s governance token, BCUG, to this chain, helping to improve transaction speeds and further cut down on costs.

The team continues to update the project, which is live now, expanding its community of 220,000 unique accounts. Based on its progress so far, Blockchain Cuties Universe believes it has the perfect foundation to become a leader and innovator in the NFT and DeFi space.

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