Storytelling is a part of being human. Once originating in cave paintings and oral stories around the fire, and later evolving to radio, internet and now entire brands leading the world by an account that rallies real passion and like-minded communities into cult status. With the power of the story running so deep, it is no wonder that the growing popularity behind nonfungible tokens (NFTs) seeks the same path for project differentiation.

News of NFTs like an EtherRock selling for 1.3 million makes it hard for users to identify one project from the next, especially when some seem to only resemble digital art. The difference then comes down to the brand beneath the art and the interactive and fun experience it holds. For some projects, this has come down to giving off an air of exclusivity, early access to future projects, and the power of changing the outcome by the community members casting their votes.

One of the projects leading the way is Cultiez. The team is looking into developing an immersive community-driven experience that takes place in the metaverse, pushing the boundaries on what is possible ​​while also building cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. Cultiez acts as a beta key to their upcoming DeFi project, slated to launch in first half of 2022.

For users, this means that they can enjoy the world surrounding the NFTs, in addition to the digital art pieces themselves. Cultiez holders will have early access and be able to interact with the community on the platform.

In the introduction, the team behind the Cultiez project shares,

“We are a blockchain development team in Southern California that are building the Cultiez project to create a community that loves the space we’re passionate about and to build something that can grow beyond the bounds of the NFT world that we’ve seen so far. We hope everyone feels as strongly as we do about the potential of this project and can’t wait to see everyone in the Cultiverse!”

Users can currently enter the metaverse through an Oculus or virtual reality headset. Owning at least one of the Gen Art NFTs acts as a ticket to the Cultiez metaverse –– Cultiverese –– and upcoming web and mobile-based social DeFi platform.

Contributing to a dynamic story

Cultiez starts with the story of a destructive being falling to a small planet. After a pivotal battle occurred, the world was shaken, and The Darkness was defeated by The Great Guardian. Most of the universe celebrated, except for Xenix. Fading in the way in a dark corner of the universe, the dying planet of Xenix has heard no mention of such a battle.

The Darkness finds this desolate planet and possesses one of its inhabitants to serve as a prophet to begin to rally the people of Xenix for his return. But he is deceptive. This world believes he is The Great Guardian and that The Darkness is still out in the universe spreading destruction and despair. He promises them peace and prosperity in exchange for the strength he needs to return to the fight, and they believe him. They only want peace and believe a blessing has arrived to help them obtain it.

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But peace must start somewhere, which as the team shares, begins with the assembly of the Cultiez Army, which began in December 2021. In addition to providing smooth recruitment, following the Cultiez release, the team has shared their plans to donate 10% of all minting revenue to charity.

The current 22,900 Discord members will then take on the all-important role of determining which charity (or charities) these funds will be sent to, in addition to what community events might occur and, ultimately, the fate of the Cultiverse.

Additionally, participating in the metaverse can also be rewarding as a minted Cultiez character is accompanied by an automatic entry into a raffle for a vinyl hand-sculpted version of a user’s personal character.

Years in the making

The team has reported more than 20,000 members have joined their Discord, in alignment with the team’s first version of the project. Lacking no enthusiasm, the team strives to continue pushing the bounds of what an NFT project can accomplish in the realm of a social DeFi platform.

Users can expect the platform to be made available to the public shortly, with the promise of continuous value creation for all members, through the pursuance of partnerships including VR platforms, e-sports, stablecoins and auction platforms, to name a few.

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