If you owe a store or a system of warehouses then probably you use a software that helps you process gigabytes of data on a daily basis. Now, Quetzal, one of the most advanced ways to do so has included Bitcoin support as one of its features.

Quetzal allows controlling most of the aspects of your business from the screen of your IPad. While some would think that running a warehouse without a full-featured laptop or PC is just a child’s play, the creators of the soft believe it to be the future of tech.

Greg Naçu and Doug Stewart, people responsible for the creation Quetzal are similar to Midas from a Greek myth. No, they do not turn everything they touch into gold; instead, every product they make is an attempt to outrun the present in technological sense. It started in Canadian University, when they practically foretold the arrival of web-centered business handling before the bandwidth allowed it to work as it does now. In those times they were traveling blind but with a certain vision, what it would look like in years, creating a multi-functional system that summarizes work of a dozen of people.

So, Quetzal during its evolution has been adapting the best genes if we run an analogy with an alive organism. It is based on cloud system, meaning, that large amounts of data are updated on the go. The localization is instant, as the supported languages are already implemented into it similar to you smartphone. If you want your French-, Spanish-, German- (or any other of the eight languages which the program can run on) –speaking employee to start working, just give him an Apple tablet. Although, ”under the hood” the system can look entangled in data and extremely complex, its interface, as can be judged by the screenshot is simple and intuitive.

To make their program even creation even more attractive and forward-looking Greg and Doug found another novelty to “pimp their ride” – Bitcoin. Coins are a part of the payment system now. If retailer and client have both decided the deal to be done in cryptocurrency, the former only needs to select Bitcoin option and the latter to scan QR code.

As pointed out by Doug, with the implementation of digital currency into their system, they want to kill two birds with one shot. First, it’s just practical and convenient to make the transactions. Second, the popularity of the Bitcoin is getting more momentum every day and retailer is granted an opportunity to ride this wave of popularity simply by pushing a button.

Greg adds that for currency to become viable it has to expand its use. In other words, with every customer who pays with Bitcoin, the latter gets closer to resembling money. Using Bitcoin also means that price of the goods bought with it could be lower due to lower transaction fees.

The tendency is clear, the only thing left is to choose bitcoin for ourselves. Every day we lose a reason not to.