There are lots of systemic issues in the everyday interactions of ordinary Nigerians where cryptocurrencies could help, says Ola Ajayi, founder of SuperDao.

The Ethereum-based decentralized platform recently organized an introductory meetup in Lagos.

Ola Ajayi says:

“For example, there is always an issue when trying to checkout using bank cards and POS systems. I think crypto-based POS systems could alleviate some of the issues encountered, empowering more Nigerians.”

He notes that while a lot of Nigerians have heard about Bitcoin, few know about Ethereum.

Ajayi stresses that if and when more Nigerians are educated to understand how to trade from one altcoin to another and from cryptocurrencies to cash, they can be empowered to make a livelihood from them.

“But almost none of them know that,,, and such free tools for trading transactions exist. It’s like they are deprived of information, still lagging behind. The people here are still in the understand phase of what Bitcoin is.”


After the meetup where the disparity between server-client applications in comparison to decentralized Blockchain application counterparts (DApps) was discussed, he says to Cointelegraph that he expects crypto adoption in Nigeria to trend upward by next year, as the awareness level has grown extensively.

Ajayi says:

“By next year, the adoption should trend upward. No one knows what will happen from then onwards but you can see the excitement on people’s faces when they speak about it.”

Next step

Educating the tech-savvy in Nigeria and then gradually introducing problem-solving products like the POS systems will help improve the current situation, says the SuperDao founder. The company’s first proven decentralized poker, Pokereum, will launch its playable client first demo in April.

He adds:

“The tech-savvy will be the ones further proliferating the solutions. One good thing is that there is already a broad awareness of Bitcoin to the multi-level marketing scheme. So people are generally aware of the investment opportunities by holding Bitcoin. The next step is understanding the utility and how products like crypto POS systems can apply.”