Cryptomoms Strives for Digital Currency Equality

According to a 2013 survey, over 95% of Bitcoin users are male. This gender imbalance has not gone unnoticed the community. 

Last week launched in hopes of leveling the digital currency-playing field. The site, created by the same team who created DNotes and run from the Midwestern United States, states its mission thus: 
“ is a digital community center with a dedicated mission to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging world of crypto currency overwhelmingly dominated by men.” 
Some users believe Bitcoin will only “become a truly global payment network” with stronger female demographics while others think social and class issues greatly outweigh the gender issue. Of course, there’s always “the Babes of Bitcoin” giving advice to men on how to change this lopsidedness. 
For their part, celebrated the site launch by giving away up to 3 million DNotes, including over 175k worth of DNotes in its random Retweet contest and 250 DNotes to every new member providing their wallet address. Those without an account are advised to check out exchanges Allcoin and Poloniex, where DNotes are accepted. 
The Cryptomoms site aims to provide a positive atmosphere and appears transparent in its intentions of providing knowledge of all things digital currency, rather than be a platform to advertise their DNote affiliate. 
For those new to the digital currency world, active blogs, forums, external links, and tweets allow users and those curious of Cryptomoms read and find out about the multi-faceted world of cryptocurrency. The site is full of detailed how-to videos and instructions on subjects like creating a wallet, how to send and receive the currency, and how to protect your accounts. 
When it comes to digital currency users who are not women, Cryptomoms is still aims to be welcoming. An administrator addressed a question regarding which demographics are allowed to get involved, stating “This site is for everyone . Our goal is to create a friendly environment for all and help close the gender gap in crypto currency.” 
Gender inequality in the digital sphere remains a complex issue, and discussions often lead one to address to the broader issues of a gender gap in the tech world and business world
With its colorful and upbeat vibes, quick and open dialogue with its administrators, and goals to broaden the digital currency community reminiscent of Alakanani Itirelang and Elizabeth Ploshay, it’s hard not to commend Cryptomoms for its ambition and execution. 
Expert Andrew Wagner weighs in on the gender imbalance in the digital world: 
“I haven't seen it to be a major problem at my own events, as I try to maintain a welcoming atmosphere, but I think it exists--maybe to about the same extent as in similar fields. Women tend to be less interested in technology and finance due to social pressure applied from a young age, especially in certain cultures. I imagine there are a lot of guys in the community who've felt rejected for their hobbies in the past, so when they meet a woman who resisted or overcame these obstacles, they react by stereotyping her. 
I actually have a couple friends who are involved in a cryptowomen organization. I'll probably see one of them, today--she helped organize a panel on the subject. Her response might be more controversial than mine. 
I think I have seen sexism occur at other events, though. I can't play host all the time. I've even seen public figures that would surprise you engage in such behavior.”

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