According to a 2013 survey, over 95% of Bitcoin users are male. This gender imbalance has not gone unnoticed the community. 

Last week launched in hopes of leveling the digital currency-playing field. The site, created by the same team who created DNotes and run from the Midwestern United States, states its mission thus: 
“ is a digital community center with a dedicated mission to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging world of crypto currency overwhelmingly dominated by men.” 
Some users believe Bitcoin will only “become a truly global payment network” with stronger female demographics while others think social and class issues greatly outweigh the gender issue. Of course, there’s always “the Babes of Bitcoin” giving advice to men on how to change this lopsidedness. 
For their part, celebrated the site launch by giving away up to 3 million DNotes, including over 175k worth of DNotes in its random Retweet contest and 250 DNotes to every new member providing their wallet address. Those without an account are advised to check out exchanges Allcoin and Poloniex, where DNotes are accepted.