Good news, if you use the online resource, Cryptonator, for all of your conversion needs or if you simply need to quickly convert any amount of fiat money to Bitcoin or just about any other crypto-currency and vice versa based on live rates. 
Your friendly neighborhood Cryptonator has just rolled out a plug-in for Google’s free Chrome web-browser. To download and install, visit the Cryptonator website or download directly from Chrome’s web store

Prior to this, obtaining accurate rates meant going to several online exchanges and manually calculating the average price. Now, the process has never been easier as the design appears to be relatively simple-to-use with an intuitive interface embedded right in the browser. 

You can enter any amount and pick the desires currencies. It also uses volume-weighted averages for the values, so you’re likely getting as close to the actual price as possible thanks to the average being obtained across several exchanges. 

Personally, I’ll be looking forward to giving this a test run for writing articles, although I will have to decide whether to make the switch to Chrome or keep my fingers crossed and wait for the Firefox version. 

About Cryptonator 

Cryptonator is a website that allows you to easily calculate conversions between Crypto/FIAT, FIAT/Crypto and even Crypto/Crypto — with over 300 cryptocurrencies included. And now they’ve released a Chrome plugin, so you can use their service directly from your browser.