Who needs those pesky stock exchanges anyway? Cryptor Latam, an investment firm and think tank dealing in crypto assets and currencies has announced their first public sale of shares in the company.

But, you won't be finding it on the NASDAQ anytime soon. Cryptor Latam isn't just some investment firm looking to get in on the hot new cryptocurrency trend, they are completely entrenched in the Bitcoin space. All of their shares and corporate documents are legally denominated in Bitcoin, and so if you want on the Cryptor Latam bandwagon, you'll have to purchase the stocks in Bitcoin (I'm thinking that won't be much of a problem for many of our readers.)

Cryptor Latam plans to invest in cryptocurrencies, crypto assets and related companies. That means by investing in Cryptor Latam, you are investing in much more than Bitcoin's price, you are investing in its markets (or at least, the market as Cryptor Latam predicts it). If a new Bitcoin start up looks promising (and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them now) Crypto Latam hopes to provide them the capital needed to start up.

But this isn't just a group of investment bankers trying to show how hip they are by getting into digital currencies. The board of directors at Cryptor Latam was purposefully made up of a mix of futurists, coders, bloggers and prominent members of the Bitcoin community. By stocking up on talent that has a deep understanding of the Bitcoin scene, investors can feel confident that the company at least knows what it is investing in.

Cryptor Latam, which is a subsidiary of Cryptor Trust, holds most of its assets in Bitcoin and hopes to raise 25,000 more Bitcoins by the end of the investment round. Shares are going for .001 bitcoin, with a minimum investment of 25 shares (or .025 bitcoin) before the funding ends on June 6th.

When Andreas Antonopoulos and other prominent minds in the Bitcoin community speak about cryptocurrencies doing things that fiat currencies can't, and not simply replacing the services they already offer, it is hard not to think of things like Cryptor Latam. Thanks to Bitcoin, anyone can invest in their company, without access to Wall Street, without paying exorbitant fees to stock trading sites or trusting a broker.

While investing in Cryptor Latam is sort of like investing in a Bitcoin stock broker, albeit a transparent one that stands alone in the space, this is only the beginning of what Cryptocurrencies can do in the financial sector. Currently, Cryptor Latam is giving investors an easy way to invest in the Bitcoin market as a whole. Already, Bitcoin users can invest in several companies using havelockinvestment's Bitcoin equivalent to the NASDAQ. Cryptor Latam however, lets users invest without the research necessary to investigate every Bitcoin start-up.

That is a bit into the future at this point, but it is extremely encouraging to see it happening already. The fact that it is a Bitcoin focused investment firm that kicks it off, only seems appropriate.

For more information, you can check out Cryptor Trust's website and read the company's prospectus.