In an increasingly insecure world, the security of our communications is of paramount importance. Crypviser is the first encrypted network for social and business communication based on the Blockchain.

Crypviser is currently in the process of conducting a crowdsale initial coin offering (ICO) for its token CVCoin, which is due to end on June 30, 2017. The CVCoin token would be used by Crypviser to cover the charges of Blockchain transactions, which are required for authentication purposes. The authentication process on the Blockchain would ensure that users of Crypviser enjoy the highest level of security in an end-to-end encrypted messenger.

The team behind Crypviser

Crypviser is a disruptive messenger product, and the people behind Crypviser are all professionals who have a high degree of experience. Vadim Andryan, the founder, CEO and CTO of Crypviser, has a military and government project background where he worked on cyber security and social engineering projects.

Andryan has founded telecom companies that are operational globally. He holds CCNA and CCNP degrees in IT security and cryptography. Waldemar Konradi is the co-founder and director and he has substantial experience in the telecom industry. In the past, Konradi has worked for Euphony GmbH as a sales manager.

He has also worked for Enete GmbH as an executive director. Victor Gubin, the lead developer, has had a focus on mobile devices kernel and is a leading Android developer as well as a software engineer.

Crypviser in the midst of a successful ICO

The Crypviser ICO, as of the time of writing, has raised €864,012. Crypviser plans to spread the bulk of the ICO proceeds towards mobile development (55 percent), backend development (15 percent), infrastructure (10 percent), licensing fees (seven percent), legal services (three percent), operational costs (five percent) and marketing (five percent).

Investors have the opportunity to get bonus CVCoin tokens for being early birds at the ICO. In week three of the ICO, which is due to end on June 10, 2017, investors will receive 15 percent bonus tokens.

The plan is to distribute 15 mln CVCoins. CVCoin investors receive a wide range of benefits for investing in the project. These benefits range from free subscriptions, access to hidden features, free access to the CVPay system, a bonus program, among other things. The messenger will come with the CVPay integrated so that users can send each other money in the form of CVCoin securely, instantly, anonymously and reliably.

Crypviser in the midst of a successful ICO

Early bird investors and the extra CVCoin tokens they can receive.

Crypviser messenger’s focus is on security and ease of use

At the moment, all major communication platform messengers or VOIP software like Skype and Viber suffer from major vulnerabilities. Either they are not encrypted or, even if they are encrypted, there are serious questions surrounding backdoors and unauthorized access by actors both state and non-state. Reassuring users about the safety of their communications is a key issue.

Since Crypviser uses the Blockchain to verify the identity of the parties, it adds an important element of safety to communications. In addition, the messenger has several other advantages like being a unified communications messenger that can handle voice, text, video and file sharing. Crypviser offers protection against man-in-the middle attacks and can even warn users if their security has been compromised.

Crypviser messenger’s focus is on security and ease of use

So how easy is it to use the application

The Crypviser application will soon be available for download to members of the public on both the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. Initially, the app would be in beta mode. Participants in the CVCoin ICO will get to experience the Crypviser app for social communication in beta mode.

The application screenshots that were made available to us appear to indicate that the app is well designed and easy to use and does not differ significantly from other major messenger platforms when it comes to design. However, where the app truly does shine is when it comes to features. Not only is there end-to-end encryption available by default, even the provider can’t read messages.

The application will allow you to make phone calls, text your friends, send them money and initiate video conferencing all in just one place. More information can be found on the white paper that Crypviser has issued.

So how easy is it to use the application

Will Crypviser be a hit among users?

In today’s security conscious world there is definitely a market for those that worry about eavesdropping and snooping. Businesses large and small, journalists, inventors and others who have to make communications on which life and death depends will certainly approve of a product that is simple and easy to use, but at the same time free them from the worry of being overheard.

The ongoing successful ICO of Crypviser is an opportunity that may or may not be profitable, but it is still certainly noble and laudable. There could be no better investment than investing in our collective security and freedom of speech.

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