As Bitcoin’s difficulty runs amok with the arrival of colossal farm, the company that specializes in gaming PCs has presented three models of its own mining rigs: the Mega Miner Family.

La Familia

So, the three rigs differ by the mining power and price. The best thing about them is the possibility of upgrades and in case you know, what are you doing and few swaps in the “bowels” you can turn the rig into a gaming beast.

All of them posses one important feature – the built-in monitors of power used. Mining Coins and at the end of the month realize that you electric bill is twice of what you mined is not something you would want to experience.


The Mega Miner 100 is the youngest sibling of three. For mere $989 you get yourself 4 Gigs of RAM, quad-core AMD FX-4300 CPU and, most importantly, two Radeon  R9 270X video cards. Some minor stuff: obvious DVD burner and 500 GB hard drive.

The middle brother, Mega Miner 200 is twice as costly - $1,929 but it holds 3 (!) R9 280X GPUs. Other than that, the insides are same as what was in the previous model.

Now, the biggest and meanest of the family so far is, what a surprise, Mega Miner 300. $2,569 will get you the i3-4130 Haswell processor (probably to lower the cost) and three R9 290 graphic adapters. Instead of fans, this monster uses Corsair liquid cooling to prevent it from burning itself down and your house together with it.

Is It Worth it?

Well, that depends on the perspective. On one hand, there is no way PC can outrun the farms. Not by a long shot. On the other hand, Scrypt ASICs are still yet to come and some currencies are protected from ASICs by their developers.

In addition, it is still fun thing, if you are going to collect the machine together by yourself. Maybe, it won’t bring you the mountains of gold, but it will still be fun and useful to get your head into the tech stuff.

Returning to the beginning of the article, you can play games on it. In my books, that’s totally worth it, but it’s up to you ether to embrace the golden fever or to turn your thoughts in a different direction.