Swiss Blockchain content distribution platform DECENT has announced that it will launch on June 30 after its 2016 ICO raised almost 6000 BTC.

In pre-announcement comments to Cointelegraph, DECENT said that it was looking to offer content creators a “better deal” than industry giants such as Amazon.

“Writers lose over 30-75% of their profits when publishing with Amazon and musicians lose around 30% when they sell a track on iTunes,” the company explained.

“[Blockchain] could free up a huge chunk of spending in the global media and content distribution industry; the current level of spending is estimated to grow from $1.7 trillion in 2016 to over $2 trillion in 2019.”

DECENT aims to replace middlemen with Blockchain management to give more control to artists over revenues arising from material available online.

The project’s ICO, completed in September last year, raised to 5881 BTC. Two testnets were since deployed with the mainnet due for public release in nine days’ time.

The DCT token will also debut at the same time.

Content protection is an increasingly busy market sector for Blockchain, with a raft of similar projects looking to disrupt the current monopoly held by big business.