Blockchain-based ecosystem, Tachyon, has a decentralized virtual private network, or VPN, hosting 100,000 users as of April, according to V Systems chief architect, Sunny King. 

"Tachyon has started open pilot testing," King told Cointelegraph in an April 25 email. "Features are introduced step-by-step," he said, adding:

"I’m delighted that Tachyon VPN has just reached 100,000 users globally this month and I believe that eventually it would enable a vibrant VPN service marketplace for the world."

Tachyon and V Systems go hand in hand

Pseudonymous proof-of-stake, or PoS, creator Sunny King is the chief architect for a blockchain infrastructure outfit called V Systems. King helped Tachyon get off the ground during its early days. "Tachyon is the first major V System enabled ecosystem project," King said.    

In general, standard VPN's let users surf the web without exposing their location, calling on various networks to mask a user's true IP address — the information gathered about each computer's location and activity. 

"Tachyon is designed as a VPN services marketplace," King explained. "It creates the necessary infrastructure for service providers and users to participate in a highly decentralized VPN marketplace."

The endeavor's team holds prior VPN expertise

With team members holding significant prior knowledge and background in the VPN world, Tachyon looks to harness decentralized tech for higher levels of privacy and security, King said. 

V Systems looks to grow blockchain's capabilities using cloud and database technology, King said. Tachyon appreciates this outlook, constructing its solution on top of V Systems' blockchain and jointly working with the outfit. 

"The V Systems team including myself have provided and continues to provide blockchain infrastructure and technology services and solutions for Tachyon," King included. 

Tachyon first released its whitepaper to the public back in September 2019. Blockchain itself has also come a long way since Bitcoin's creation roughly a decade ago, and is gaining more mainstream adoption by the day.