Director Pierce Freshly Determined to Continue

Brock Pierce hasbroken silence this week with an open letter to the board of the BitcoinFoundation, amid continuing controversy of his appointment as Director.

Stepping down from the board in response to hateful and uninformedchatter on Bitcoin forums or because of these resignations is not rational,prudent or warranted,” he wrote, “It would set a bad precedent for theFoundation, rewarding those who make scurrilous accusations and engage incharacter assassination, often anonymously.”

The comments came after Piercereceived much criticism from the Bitcoin community residing online, in additionto the public resignations of ten board members.

“Saddened and angered”

Pierce’s vow to stay strong isperhaps an unusual choice in today’s climate, and public support remainselusive.

“Bitcoin is controversial in some quarters,” he continued explaining his course of action, “That’s why I believe we need people on the board who are not afraid ofbeing publicly attacked and who have no skeletons in their closets.”

In response to the actions of boardmembers, however, Pierce wrote, “I amsorry that 10 of 1,500 members chose to resign,” and perhaps by way ofexpanding on Bitcoin’s aforementioned controversy, “but I am at a loss to explain why they would do so now and not afterMr. Karpeles allowed Mt. Gox to implode or Mr. Shrem was indicted. I amsaddened and angered by this.”

Nevertheless, the Foundation’s sightsare firmly set on the future, with its talk at last week’s Amsterdamconference, which Pierce attended, focusing on international expansion and newsthat next year’s event will be held in an Asian location.

Accusations made against Piercesurfaced in 2000, but he was acquitted, and notes that he is not part of acurrent lawsuit filed by one of the same plaintiffs against four otherHollywood figures, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Meanwhile, Pierce continues to battleagainst the public outcry, responding to a barrage of tweets by user TrueBitcoinGirl today following publication of the letter,including “Innocent&ethical and withintegrity would step down realizing how much damage this is doing to cause. Andonly earn respect.”

By contrast, user TwoBitIdiot voicedhis support for Pierce, saying, I'm glad @brockpierce is aggressively clearing hisname. Read his full statement on recent accusations.”

Amidst the dust settling, the publicimage of the Bitcoin Foundation now very much depends on Pierce weathering thestorm and coming out with dignity. Whether he achieves this could well be adecisive factor influencing future acceptance for Bitcoin as a solution, and itseems at the very least that giving up now is not on his agenda. 

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