Personal Details

Dmitriy Voloshchuk, born 1996, currently living in Russia


Information and mathematical sciences profile at school in addition to being self-taught. Currently a student at the faculty of economics, KGUFKST University.

Professional experience and achievement

At the age of 14, Dmitriy said he discovered the Internet. At 15, he began to earn money online by promoted the successful development of social network groups and advertising a variety of goods. At the moment, he is developing a media project called "CR! PTO Travel" and developing Android applications.


Sports, business, travelling, new technologies, innovations, startups, transhumanism, cryptocurrencies.

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Dmitriy began to learn about Bitcoin after a mentor of his asked him to research it a bit further.

Role in the Bitcoin community

The popularization of Bitcoin in Russia and investigating the security of this cryptocurrency.