Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) may have been a distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic, but now they are all the rage and a very key piece to pop culture. Each NFT exists as a one-of-a-kind asset minted on the blockchain, each being scarce in quantity and often high in value. While these assets may exist as collector’s items for holders to show off, they also act as a ticket into a fun and exciting community, where users can earn real rewards as they interact on an online medium.

The thing is, many limit their imagination to only think of an NFT as art when their capabilities extend so much more than that. Like Uber disrupted the ride-sharing service, NFTs are disrupting the online community, each project offering something specific to the industry.

The goal of NFT ownership then comes down to finding a project that operates with a mission that resonates with the holder or provides a community that said a user could benefit from and provide benefit to. By doing so, an NFT holder can cut through the noise of the rising number of projects and get the most out of their investment.

Among the new projects available to users today, one worth highlighting is Cool Dogs, a collection of 5000 programmatically randomly generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Led by a fully-doxxed and heavily experienced team, Cool Dogs proves that there is more to holding an NFT than meets the eye. The Cool Dogs project offers users a fun NFT-project where users can get a cool profile shot, perks, including community support, access to contests and many other passive income opportunities. For example, by holding two or more dogs, holders can take part in breeding, an event that will occur shortly after the release of the current generation.

Part of the project’s sharp success has come down to the influencers that have taken note of Cool Dogs, including art chick and shamdoo.

Where coolness meets rarity

Like other NFT collections, some pieces in the collection are rarer and more valuable than others — a factor dependent on how the dog is dressed. Consider that while some assets are clothed in an ordinary shirt and cap, others have a fish tank, wear an ape costume or have a Tamagotchi as a head features, which make them increasingly rare. As a result, each Cool Dog will range from Cool, where 1300 dogs are available, up to Legendary, where users will only find 75 in circulation.

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Looking into the team’s long-term goals, this fun take on NFTs is looking for more opportunities to involve their community. It includes goals for passive income, collaboration with well-known industry names and perhaps most enticing, a new world of memes. While it’s hard to say what this looks like in reality, one thing is certain, according to the team, “the future of Cool Dogs is in the hands of the owners - the community will determine the future!”

A world defined by the owners

The project went live with the announcement of their presale on Nov. 15 of this year and the launch of the first Generation of Cool Dogs occurring on Nov. 16. According to the project’s Twitter, the first release is already sold out, putting the project into the next phase of its roadmap.

Cool Dogs’ artists are also producing short animated videos to keep the community entertained.

They say dogs are man’s best friend; does that make cool dogs man’s even cooler best friend? Either way, these NFTs present potential in brightening up a collector’s day on the internet or proving to be an investment opportunity, especially as more generations are released.

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