While new digital currencies rise and fall, Bitcoin is floating on the crest of its own fame wave and governments proceed to research the subject, another project has arisen in the vasts of Net and in three weeks, it has accomplished what got Bitcoin two years to reach.

Although, the comparison claimed by developers is not exactly fair one, as Bitcoin was there first to try, fail, try again, inspire and defend itself against the opposition. However, the EarthCoin has really gained support and momentum in a matter of weeks and it seems like its three founding fathers have a clear vision and resource to make something big out of it.

As I mentioned, the three developers that created the basis for the EarthCoin: John, Norb and Wesley.

John is the “gearhead” of the team. He was the one who developed the source code and he speaks less of the three in an interview given to bitcoinprbuzz.com. However, being highly involved into the “strings & numbers” side of the development process, he borrows his ideas from the nature, its fluidity, cycles and patterns. These will be discussed closely when we speak about the new coin. The reason for this harmony between nurture and nature is that many of his previous works has proved to be successful with the implementation of the mentioned features.

 Norb is the team’s backbone. He is the entrepreneur who has a 20 year experience in all kinds of PR specializing mostly in digital products and tech related fields. After his initial acquaintance with Bicoin he wanted to just hoard a few hundreds and wait for the price to go up. However, after a period of time described by Norb only as short he was a raving cryptocurrency geek multitasking on different coins and exchanges. After, John introduced him to the project they both dived into work to make it in time and that is when they understood, that both they and their teams were not able to do it without some extra help. That’s where Wesley comes in.

Wesley is last of the three heads of EarthCoin to join the project. Nevertheless, he seem like the man with the plan as he has all the necessary components for any project to lift off: passion, vision and expertise. What he perceives as his strongest side is that he is very empathetic, meaning he really does care about people not only in the vicinity but also around the world. During the interview, he often reminds us of how broken and unfair the current system is while making examples of the hardship people from different corners of Earth are going through.

Interestingly enough when asked about the amount of money the trinity made from cryptocurrency before beginning the work on EarthCoin, they mostly smile preferring to withhold the comments.

John gave the digital currency its name. He explains it as a basis of what he had in mind starting to work on it. The idea is quite elegant to reflect the nature in with help of math. He also wished that every person on the planet would be able to have two coins. While he understands that such distribution is farther from reality than the rabbit hole Alice fell into, the decision was to leave it as it is. Wesley was enthusiastic about the name because of its global meaning and his never-ending desire to change the world for better. Norb did not like the name and opted for a different one. However, he decided to rely on John’s experience in this and after a while, he understood that it was a good call.

Truly, the word “Earthcoin” has that fuzzy tube sound that audiophiles are raving about.

Features that make EarthCoin stand out from the crowd of its digital siblings are:

  • It is fast, meaning really, really fast. If Norb’s claims are not an overestimation then transactions happen under a second. Only India was somewhat slower – less than five seconds.
  • They have a unique thing – season pattern, which is what John was talking about. The coin payouts depend on the time of the year, a curve that has its peak in the spring and minimum in the fall.
  • Every two weeks they have so-called rainy days – time when the payout is double the normal amount and storms when the coins received is five times the usual number!

In the end of the interview, they speak a lot about what motivates them and about what future they see for their digital child, this part I would suggest to read on your own because I would not dare to change a word they say about what drives them.

Big ambitions, prophetic vision and enough resource to make it right how they want it. Lets just wish the guys good luck because if at least a quarter of their anticipation comes true, we will have a whole different world to observe. Hopefully, a better one.