BlockShow Asia powered by Cointelegraph has proudly announced its partnership with EOS.IO, a Blockchain software platform, which provides scalable, flexible and usable infrastructure for Decentralized Applications development.

EOS.IO is the product of, a worldwide-known publisher of Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs).

“The team has been working relentlessly to make EOS.IO the most advanced Blockchain software possible. While advancing the core software, we have also been working with a number of major players in the industry to migrate their platforms to make use of the EOS.IO software.”

Brendan Blumer, CEO at Block.One

The current EOS.IO roadmap includes single-threaded testing environment ready for December, followed by multi-threaded development taking place in 2018. Overcoming this roadmap goes on very active and successful so far - in particular, the team shared some news about the work on the parallel execution engine has begun eight months ahead of schedule and, according to their plans, it will be ready by June 2018. “The work required to make this happen includes a complete rewrite of chainbase, the underlying database technology behind Steem,” - explained the company.

Chatting with the team, the BlockShow team was inspired by the fact that the company feels and shares the main motto of the conference: to become a window to the global Blockchain ecosystem for all those bright and innovative Blockchain-powered companies across the Far East. Talking about how important it is for the worldwide Blockchain scene, Brock Pierce from shared his thoughts:

“Fundamentally, Blockchain is based on the idea of freedom of speech and giving power back to the individual. It’s about making change and making improvements. By bringing people together from around the globe with a shared vision of where this technology can go, we can build really powerful systems that can change the world.”

Moreover, EOS also shared their vision of how important it is to always stay in the middle of all the Blockchain networking and event activities, as well as support them:

“Conferences and meetups are the heart and soul of the Blockchain community. Conferences like BlockShow Asia create a space that allows people, no matter what their current level of Blockchain knowledge, the time to meet with others that may have a shared vision or philosophical view of the world and where this technology can go. It also gives industry leaders the chance to come together and lay the framework that will revolutionize the future of business. That is a very powerful thing.”

From their side EOS is preparing a pretty versatile - and pretty reach - program. Thus, in the morning of the first BlockShow Asia day, the guests will hear insight from its senior analyst, Joshua Lavin. On the second conference day, you will hear from Brock Pierce, partner at and one of the most recognized personalities in the Crypto/Blockchain field. In his opening keynote, he will share his thoughts on cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Conscious Culture. Moreover, apart from these two full speeches, Pierce will also step up as a panelist for “Blockchain & the Token Economy” discussion on the second day of BlockShow.

This all is going to happen really soon, but meanwhile, the clocks are ticking the final days and hours before the epic BlockShow Asia 2017! So it’s now or never - go to the BlockShow Asia official website, look at our fabulous agenda and participants, and waste no time -- just grab your ticket. We are sold out of more than 90 percent so far, so hurry up!