Personal Details

Ernesto Spruyt, born in 1975, currently living in The Netherlands


Master of Business Science

Professional experience and achievement

Co-founder of Mobbr, a platform for paid online collaborations. Mobbr enables people to get paid for contributing to collaboration projects and platforms such as Github and StackExchange. Mobbr facilitates Bitcoin.

In the past five years, Ernesto has run several projects in the Dutch startup scene, including what was at that time the second largest crowdfunding campaign worldwide, Windcentrale. Before that, Ernesto ran his own market entry consulting firm in Russia for seven years.


New economy, crowdsourcing and collaborative business models, geopolitics, food, and health

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Although he had vaguely heard of Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies, Ernesto only became aware of the potential after joining Mobbr and becoming infected by its founder, Patrick Savalle. Once he grasped the concept, he realized that Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies could make commercial collaboration/crowdsourcing on a global scale much more easy: cross-country payments, low transaction costs, allowance for very small amounts.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Co-founder of Mobbr