Ethereum price is at a stage of forming a hidden reversal of a long-term downward trend. The price is still in the area of high volatility.


Ethereum’s rebound from $10.5 can provoke an increase in volatility.

Such a development of the upward trend can indicate a possible hidden reversal. That reversal is taking place at a subwave level when there is a clear advantage of one group of traders over the other.

ETH/USD chart

Two possible course of events

Break through $11.7 mark and continuation of growth towards $20

A confirmation of this scenario would be a fortification of Ethereum price above $11.7 because if that mark is broken through, it will become possible for a big seller to enter the market. However, in that case, the fall will likely be flat-like. There is an accumulated volume of buy orders right up to $9, and they will prevent a more powerful fall.

Reversal of the upward trend from $5.8

Due to the lack of a full-scale correction towards $9.9, the possibility of an upward correction towards the long-term downward trend is still there. While the current structure still exists, the last subwave for that potential rebound is forming. That’s why a key level at $10.5 can be a turning point for the continuation of the long-term fall.

ETH/USD chart


Hidden downward reversal

A typical example of such a reversal has taken place on the graph of Ethereum Classic. The price has made a break through the peak of the upward trend. After a rebound happened, a subwave has formed, which has managed to reverse the entire upward trend from $1.15. That’s what usually happens at key points.

ETC/USD chart

Continuation of the downward trend

For as long as the downward structure stays intact, the downward trend will continue. The Ethereum Classic price is at the peak of a larger declining trend. That is why if the price fortifies and turns to decline, the coming fall will be on a larger scale.

Upward turn from the possible bottom limit of a flat

The peak of $1.15 can also be considered the bottom limit of a flat. In order for that scenario to be confirmed, we need to see an upward turn near $1.25 because that’s where the downward trend structure is going to break. In that case, the ETC price will have a chance to get back up to the minimum of $1.5.

ETC/USD chartThe most likely scenarios

The upward trend on Ether is likely to end in case of a reversal at $10.5.

The downward trend on Ethereum Classic is more likely to change in case of a reversal at $1.25.