Sustainable grocery in San Diego may be not the first merchant you can imagine as a successful bitcoin accepting business. But Michelle Larson-Sadler from Minnesota owns a Conscious Cookery that is not only happy to see bitcoin payments but also offers 15% discount both on online purchases and at the farmers’ market!

Conscious Cookery is a small business but one of the oldest stores at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market. The Hillcrest Farmers’ Market is one of San Diego beloved places where more than 120 local merchants and craftspeople have found their places. Larson-Sadler has been active in the retail and food service years before Conscious Cookery opening.

Conscious Cookery was opened at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market in 2002, and offers a selection of organic, heirloom and Fairtrade-certified foods. And now it is the first grocery store in San Diego where people can pay with bitcoins. The owner Larson-Sadler believes that bitcoin is a “significant thing”.

Now, Conscious Cookery is opened every Sunday as a permanent member. Larson-Sadler family members are helping at the Conscious Cookery store. Nevertheless, her husband also was the person that advised her to see bitcoin opportunities.

Larson-Sadlers’ decision has became an example for actions to the members of the San Diego Bitcoin Meetup group and other vendors. Moreover, recently her store was mentioned in a special article on National Public Radio. All this attention encourages Larson-Sadler to continue her plan and believes in digital currency.

Unfortunately, her colleges still have doubts of how soon should they participate and start accepting bitcoins.

She said: “I am on the front edge of the wave, and it is just a matter of time when people will start to use it at my stand and online.”

In Larson-Sadler opinion this question is especially serious among farmers, who have to struggle with all modern problems both in agriculture and banking system. In her opinion, though there are risks the most unstable is US dollar itself: “Our US dollar could be worth little or nothing in a moment’s notice.”

Larson-Sadler believes that bitcoin may change economy. She is waiting to open her store on weekends and not only sell grocery for bitcoins but also share her knowledge about digital currency.

“Every little bit counts,” she added.